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You Could Be Eligible For Compensation In A Class Action Against Festival Metro Metro

If the court approves a settlement, some festival attendees will receive compensation.
Festival Metro Metro Class Action Settlement Could Mean Compensation For Attendees
  • Organizers and plaintiffs have reached a settlement agreement in a class-action lawsuit against Montreal's Festival Metro Metro.
  • If the settlement is approved in court in January 2020, some of the festival's attendees would be eligible for compensation.
  • The class action alleges that the festival sold tickets for more than the advertised price.

Metro Metro Festival attendees who purchased tickets online are now eligible to participate in a class-action lawsuit against festival organizers. The news comes after consumers were charged fees at checkout in addition to the price of a ticket, which, the lawsuit alleged, is a violation of Quebec's Consumer Protection Act

The lawsuit claims that those who purchased a first-round weekend pass at the advertised $170 and a VIP pass at $300 were charged a service fee of $26.75 and a delivery fee of $26.50, along with taxes. Consumers realized that this was a huge difference from the advertised prices. Naturally, people felt cheated and organized against the Metro Metro festival. 

The festival attracted some of the biggest names in hip-hop including Cardi B, Tyga, Future, and Snoop Dogg. Organized by the same people behind Beachclub, the festival was a huge success and is returning to Montreal in 2020. 

When the first round of tickets sold out, the festival released more at $190 for the weekend pass. The service fees were eliminated for this price and in total, there was only a $2 difference between both prices.

Those who are eligible for the class-action lawsuit against Metro Metro Festival will be contacted. You're only eligible if you purchased a weekend pass or a gold VIP pass at 

A settlement was reached wherein the festival will pay a total of $215,000, spread amongst those who qualify for the class-action. For those who purchased the weekend pass, an amount of $20 will be refunded. For those who purchased the VIP pass, an amount of $35 will be refunded. 

The festival will need to refund customers within 10 days of the Court's judgement approving the settlement. You will be refunded on your original method of payment or by registered cheque. 

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The hearing to approve the settlement will be held on January 10, 2020. Customers can opt-out of a refund by contacting the law offices of Lambert Avocat Inc

The festival, which took place over two days in May at Montreal's Olympic Park almost never happened. In the months prior to its opening, the public took to calling it Montreal's Fyre Festival. But after a few hiccups, the festival went off without a hitch. 

There's no word as to many attended the festival over both days, but the festival was not sold out. Metro Metro will return to Montreal in summer 2020.

For more information about the class-action lawsuit against Metro Metro, visit the website of Lambert Avocats Inc

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