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Firefighters Battling Enormous Blaze In Montreal's West Island (Videos)

Streets have been blocked off in Ste-Anne de Bellevue.
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Firefighters Battling Enormous Blaze In Montreal's West Island (Videos)

An ongoing fire in an apartment building in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue on Montreal Island this afternoon is sending clouds of smoke into the sky above the quaint suburb. Firefighters have rushed to the scene to stop the fire from spreading to surrounding buildings. The fire is happening at 82 Sainte-Anne street, above Marco Bar & Grill. 

The waterfront street is a popular destination for many families and attracts a ton of visitors throughout the year. People who are there today might be in for a traffic jam as firefighters have completely blocked both sides of the street. 

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TL;DR  A building is on fire in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue. Firefighters are currently fighting the blaze and are doing their best to preserve the surrounding buildings.

A video sent to MTLBlog by @yaberalyaber shows firefighters attempting to quell the flames using water cannons. Based on the video, it seems that the apartment complex above the restaurant has been completely gutted by the fire. 

@yaberalyaber recounts that firefighters arrived on the scene rather quickly. Since the street is so occupied by other houses and businesses, it's imperative that firefighters stop the flames from spreading to other buildings. 

[rebelmouse-image 26893411 photo_credit="@yaberalyaber" expand=1 original_size="1200x1599"] @yaberalyaber

Another video, sent to MTLBlog by @chevaliera1 shows a different angle with a ton of smoke billowing out from the roof. 

Let's hope firefighters are able to quickly stop the fire before anything more serious happens. As of right now, the apartment buildings are destroyed and the restaurant below has probably sustained some form of damage.

There are no injuries or reports of the extent of damages, yet. Let's hope that everyone got out safely. 

[rebelmouse-image 26893412 photo_credit="@yaberalyaber" expand=1 original_size="1200x1599"] @yaberalyaber

High praise to the firefighters who quickly arrived on the scene. 

Stay tuned for more information. 

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