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You Can Fly To Beijing From Montreal For Only $679 Round-Trip

Book now before it's too late!
Flights To Beijing From Montreal Are Now Only $679 Round-Trip

It seems as though the travel bug has bitten everyone in Montreal and we're all itching to escape to somewhere else. With the cost of flying so high, it's not in the cards for many of us at the moment. But I have good news for you, Les Vols d'Alexi has found a mega deal on a trip of a lifetime — a round-trip flight to Beijing that is!  

If you've ever looked up a round-trip to a Chinese city from Montreal, it's rarely ever under $1,000. But now, by some miracle, you can buy a flight to Beijing, China for only $679, which is a 43% discount from the usual cost. Flying to Asia is known to cost a pretty penny and tickets rarely go on sale, which is why I'm so excited to share it with all of you! 

Not only have they found you a killer deal on this flight, but there are 127 available dates to pick from, leaving you with little to no excuse not to take this opportunity and run with it. (At the time this article was written, this is how many dates were available. The number and price are subject to change).

China is a country that so many people yearn to visit and, as someone who has experienced it myself, I can assure you that it's a travel junky's dream. Beijing, in particular, is rich in culture and history and is quickly becoming a global economic centre.

[rebelmouse-image 26888682 photo_credit="Les Vols d'Alexi" expand=1 original_size="992x364"] Les Vols d'Alexi

From trekking along the Great Wall or exploring the Forbidden City, China has an allure that is hard to match. Not only are the sights to visit worth the travel, but the opportunity for cultural exchange is endless.

The Beijing sense of style, cuisine, and all-around ambiance make for an experience you will cherish forever. 

Though the flight is to Beijing, there is ample opportunity to travel to other parts of the country, as well! But the Chinese capital certainly has enough to see to keep you stimulated for the duration of your stay if you'd prefer to stay put. 

If all of this piques your interest, all you need to do is visit the website, pick a date and book. It's that simple. However, you're not going to want to wait too long to book as prices are sure to increase as these seats are quickly snatched up by eager travellers. 

Gift yourself the trip of a lifetime! There is no chance that you'll regret it!

[rebelmouse-image 26888683 photo_credit="Les Vols D'Alexi" expand=1 original_size="315x335"] Les Vols D'Alexi

$679 Round-Trip Flight To Beijing

When: Now! 

Where: All flights are leaving from Montreal.

Why: To travel to one of the most unique countries in the world! 


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