Flooding On St-Laurent Sends Water Rushing Through The Montreal Plateau (Video)

The popular commercial street has been inundated.
Flooding On St-Laurent Sends Water Rushing Through The Montreal Plateau (Video)

Videos sent to MTLBlog show intense flooding on blvd. St-Laurent. The exact cause of the flooding remains unknown at the moment. The flow of water down "the Main" appears to begin on the corner of Rachel and Saint-Laurent and continues down the rest of the street.

The flooding began at around 12:40, and it is still ongoing. Photo evidence proves personnel are on hand to deal with the situation. 

This video, submitted to MTLBlog by Instagram user @lorbeere_, shows a torrent of water rushing down the Main. From the videos, it appears that the flooding may have begun because of construction.

There is so far no indication as to when the water will stop.

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Reactions to the videos are hilarious. "At least it will clean all the vomit," said one commenter. Another comment renames the street the St. Laurent River. One snarky Instagram account asks if this is the city's newest wave pool.

Nir Patel

One punny Instagram comment reads, "looks likes someone may have hit a main pipe #Oopsie 🙄 Time for more orange cones!! 😭😂."

The torrentuous flow of the wateris honestly impressive. There is a huge quantity of water running down the street.

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No information is available right now as to the cause of the flooding.

Cars appear to still be making their way up the boulevard despite the water. Pedestrians can still use the sidewalk, which remains dry for the most part. Québec 511 has not announced a road closure.

We will update this article as more information becomes available.

St Laurent Street is currently flooded. The exact cause of the flood is still to be determined. Personnel are on the scene to deal with the flood.