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Former Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre Lost A Ton Of Weight And Looks Completely Different Now

It's always nice to start off the New Year with a resolution to help motivate you, even if it can sometimes be hard to maintain all year long. The point is to try and better yourself, or your life, in some way. 

Well, it seems like Denis Coderre didn't wait for 2019 to start his New Year's resolution. If the pictures below are any indication, he started his resolution months ago — and it looks like his hard work has totally paid off.

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TL;DR Denis Coderre, former mayor of Montreal, has lost a ton of weight and looks totally happy and amazing. See some befores and afters below!

The former mayor has always been a Montreal sweetheart, getting love from across the city. 

Many Montrealers were actually quite sad to see him go when Montreal elected its first female mayor, Valerie Plante.

I miss you Mayor Coderre.

January 6, 2019

Now, it looks like Monsieur Coderre has traded in his mayoral duties for meal prep and leg day.

Coderre posted a picture last week that shows just how far he has come — and it's honestly really impressive.

De retour sur le ring pour la nouvelle année
There is nothing like a comeback... in boxing ;)

Bonne Année à toutes et à tous
Happy New Year everyone

January 3, 2019

Boxing is NOT an easy sport. To be honest, nothing is quite as hard as breaking bad habits (and that's coming from a girl with her own resolutions).

So, it makes total sense that many Montrealers are sending out tweets of encouragement and support to Monsieur Coderre on his fitness journey.

Wow. Where did you go? Good job on getting healthy!

January 4, 2019

WOW looking good, keep it up. Vraiment happy for you!!

January 4, 2019

While Coderre was in office, he likely had a lot less time to take care of himself.

So, it's great to see him putting his health first in 2019!

@meve_designembedded via  

Finding a sport, like boxing, is a great way to trick yourself into exercise.

While going to a gym and lifting weights can get boring due to the repetition, an activity like boxing, or cross-country skiing, can keep you busy, active, and having fun, all at the same time.

Via Denis Coderre

I'm super happy for Monsieur Coderre and his great success thus far!

Here's hoping he keeps it up and that we all take a little inspiration from the former mayor and get our own butts moving, too!

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