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New Poll Shows That Quebec Anglophones Really Don't Trust François Legault & The CAQ

Almost 70% of English-speakers in the province don't trust the current government.
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New Poll Shows That Quebec Anglophones Really Don't Trust François Legault & The CAQ
  • A new poll published by the Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN) shows that English-speakers in Quebec hold a deep distrust for premier François Legault.
  • Anglophones also expressed frustration at a lack of accessible healthcare services.
  • 45% of surveyed Francophones, meanwhile, believe that Anglophones are "too aggressive in making their claims."

A new poll conducted by Leger Marketing for the Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN) reveals that anglophones in the province have very little trust in premier François Legault and the CAQ government.

The poll surveyed nearly 2,000 Quebecers from all language backgrounds and found that English-speakers have more trust in their community institutions than the government when it comes to making decisions on their affairs. In fact, close to 70% of respondents said that they are "highly distrustful" of premier François Legault and his party's policies. 

Leger and the QCGN's five-part study is largest of its kind ever conducted in the province of Quebec. The disparity between perceptions of the CAQ between both language groups is striking. 46% of francophones say that the CAQ is doing a good job understanding the concerns of English-speakers whereas only 25% of anglos agree.

It seems that francophones are on their own with this issue because an overwhelming majority of both anglophones and allophones don't trust the CAQ when it comes to understanding their concerns. 66% and 56% respectively, do not believe the CAQ is understanding the concerns of the English-speaking communities. 

The poll indicates that both of Quebec's major language groups are more polarized than ever when it comes to trusting the CAQ and Legault.

The CAQ is going to have a hard time convincing the English community to vote for Legault next time there's a provincial election. It's should come as no surprise that 67% of anglophones still trust in the Liberal Party of Canada compared to only 25% trust in the CAQ. 

Other than concerns of the CAQ "undermining the English community," a small portion of respondents (8%) think that the Legault and his government are "separatists-in-disguise." 

Translation:Your government has made its demands to the federal parties. Quebec is a distinct nation. They must commit to giving more powers to immigration, comply with Bill 21, extend Bill 101 to federal enterprises and implement a single tax report administered by Quebec.

Overwhelmingly, the English-speaking population in Quebec trusts in their community institutions over governmental ones. 81% put their faith in English School Boards and 82% trust the English language media.

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According to QCGN President Geoffrey Chambers, “these results demonstrate very clearly that English-speaking Quebecers feel premier François Legault and his party do not understand English-speaking Quebecers and are not committed to defending our rights and institutions." 

For example, a majority of Anglophones report that they have inadequate access to and face many issues with their health care providers (51%), government services (59%), and retail providers (60%). 

A cause for concern is the growing divide between language group perceptions. The poll asked if "English-speaking Quebecers are too aggressive in making their claims" which revealed troubling results. 

45% of francophones believe that the English community is too aggressive whereas only 18% of anglophones believe that. In fact, 56% of anglos believe that their community leaders are far too timid when making their claims.

If these language divide trends continue, Legault should expect an uphill battle in the next provincial election. 

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