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15 Outrageous Montreal-Themed Halloween Costumes For 2019

Grab your BFF and go as Greta and Val Plante!
Montreal-Themed Halloween Costumes

We had to do it y'all, we had to treat you to some funny Montreal Halloween costumes that are topical and relevant to this year in our city.

Yes, Halloween is almost here, the holiday where you get to flex your creative muscle and come up with a fun and unique costume to escape from reality for a night.

Or, an excuse to stuff your face with sugar, whatever works.

But coming up with a fun costume can sometimes be difficult, and we're getting closer and closer to the date, so if you haven't come up with your costume yet, I'm here to help.

Of course, you can always go with one of the tried and true Halloween costumes that cost you next to nothing and do the trick (pun intended). Just do the ghost under a sheet, or wear a witch hat and your best Mile End blacks and call it a day.

Though, if you want to stand out and maybe attract some extra attention this spooky season, consider one of these Montreal-inspired costumes that will be sure to spark conversation no matter where you spend your Halloween.

Below we've got a handful of solo costumes, as well as some couple costumes (or just 2-friend costumes), and a couple group costumes for you and the whole crew to roll through the city as a solid unit.

So, without further ado, here are some Montreal-themed Halloween costumes to inspire you this spooky season!

Solo Costumes

Climate Protester

Why: So you can recycle your poster/you forgot to come up with a costume/both.

How: Wear it, hold it, just whatever you do don't throw it in the trash halfway through the night defeating the whole purpose.

OQLF Officer

Montreal -Themed Halloween CostumesJohn Roman

Why: Parce que c'est une citrouille, pas «a pumpkin,» des bonbon, pas «candy,» et une fantôme, pas «a ghost»!!!

How: You don't necessarily need a Francisation radar gun, but if you're going to do this costume, you're going to have to be dedicated and go all-out. No English all night for you, and don't you dare let anyone around you speak it either.

Bonjour-Hi Sign

Why: See above.

How: This could be as small as a name tag or as large as a sandwich board (you're sure to get the desired reaction regardless).

Kim Kardashian freezing outside the MBAM

Why: Who could forget the iconic entrance to the museum for the premier of the Thierry Mugler exhibit, or the exit... seen above, when it looked like her dress was literally coming apart it was so small.

How: Wear next to nothing and high heels that threaten your health and safety... then pretend it's the middle of February.

An STM Bus "En Transit"

Why: You know why.

How: Dress in blue and make a sign which you should really wear on your head for visibility. The downside of this costume is if you are single, remember, you're not allowed to pick anyone up.

Ralentissment sur la ligne Orange

Why: While it may be working for the guy above, there is no phrase more hated than this one for Montrealers.

How: What you wear is up to you — whether you dress in Orange, or like an STM officer — all you need to do is simply stop people from getting where they need to be, for 10 minutes or more.

Premier Monstres

Why: The recently-elected Premiers of Quebec and Ontario seem... well, made for each other... and made for a two-faced costume.

How: Half Legault-Half Ford face... one suit should do.

New Cartier Bridge

Why: Simple, and extra exciting because of the long-awaited suspense.

How: Just... cover yourself in string lights and hope no one notices how late to the party you are. Tack a couple G.I. Joes on your head as climate activists and you're done.

MTL Blog Writer

Why: Because self-awareness is important.

How: Wear black and white and just read people the weather forecast all night long.

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Couple/Friend Costumes

Céline et Pépé

Why: This dynamic duo is unbeatable and is the perfect pair costume for any gay and his fave ladyfriend.

How: First, decide who gets to be Céline... then dress accordingly.

Valérie Plante and Greta Thunberg

Why: If these two aren't a Montreal power-couple, I don't know what is.

How: Whoever can rock the better braid gets to be Greta and sport a hoodie. Whoever plays Plante has two options: bike mode, which requires a bike and helmet at all times, or adorable mayor mode, which requires sensible heels and calf-length dress.

Fairmont vs. St-Viateur

Why: A Montreal battle that has lasted the ages.

How: Each friend is a bagel. Feel free to brawl at random throughout the night... or cover each other in cream cheese.

Taxis vs. Ubers

Why: While the German plate above shows this is an international issue, the Taxi vs. Uber fight has been a hot topic lately, with taxis striking the deregulation of the industry.

How: One of you has a lot of work to do before you can play your role - the other just needs a cellphone and a car that moves.

Group Costumes

Unibroue Beers

Why: So many choices!

How: First, draw straws to see who gets to be La Fin du Monde. Then the rest of you fight over the Ephemères. Continue until someone is forced to be Maudite.

Construction Site

Why: There literally is nothing more Montreal than this.

How: Each of your friends can pick a different aspect of a construction site, from a traffic cone to a RUE BARÉE sign to a worker smoking a dart and doing little else.

Did I miss something spectacular, spooky and perfect for Montreal?!

Send us a message @MTLBlog on Instagram or Twitter letting us know!

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