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Gas Prices Are Going To Be Super Cheap In Montreal For The Next Few Weeks

Gas is pretty cheap in Montreal right now, especially when you compared it to a few years ago when the prices could reach up to $1.50/l. But even though the average price for a liter of gas was only $1.13 over the weekend, experts say the prices are probably going to drop even lower.

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TL;DR Although there was an unusual jump in gas prices in Montreal over the weekend, prices are expected to drop this week and stay low for the next several weeks.

There was a sudden 10 cent jump in gas prices over the weekend, and as of Monday morning in Montreal the average price for gas is still $1.14. This has caused many people to wonder if prices will be stay high and perhaps even climbing higher due to the increased demand for gas during the holidays, but according to experts that's not the case. 

The price of gas does go up during vacation periods, however during the holidays they tend to stay put.

And even though there was a small jump in prices over the weekend the price is expected to drop back down closer $1.00 over the next few days.

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To make things even better, according to Journal de Montreal, this price of gas is excepted to stay very low for take next several weeks, which means drivers will enjoy some well-deserved holiday savings this year.  


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