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Warning: Price Of Gas In Montreal To Hit $1.45 Per Litre This Summer

Big yikes.
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Warning: Price Of Gas In Montreal To Hit $1.45 Per Litre This Summer

In the next few months, the price of gas in Quebec is expected to hit $1.45 per litre. Apparently, a huge global demand for gas is going to put pressure on an already squeezed market. Since the beginning of the year, the price of gas has steadily increased by about 20 cents. 

These won't be the highest gas prices we've seen in recent history, though. In 2012, some gas stations had prices even higher. Yesterday, prices were hovering around $1.31 around the city. 

Let's be thankful we aren't in Vancouver. Gas prices in Vancouver this week were reported at $1.65 per litre. Aren't you glad we live here, Montreal? 

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TL;DR According to market experts, gas prices are expected to hit upwards of $1.45 per litre this summer in Montreal, despite the fact that Quebec has not been hit with the Carbon Tax.

Canadian gas prices

Halifax C$1.22 litre
Montreal 1.31
Toronto 1.18
Calgary 1.14

Vancouver 1.63

thats US$4.60/gal

April 5, 2019

Apparently, the market for gasoline is under immense global pressure this year. This will raise gas prices across the board, with some cities hitting nearly $2 per litre. 

In Toronto, for instance, gas prices are at $1.17 per litre today. This might not make sense for some people because, for some reason, Ontario has historically beaten Quebec when it comes to low gas prices. 

While gas prices in Ontario and Quebec are decently low compared to the rest of the country, the above photo was taken at a gas station in British Columbia last year. Big oof.

Regions that produce most of the world's oil are under intense geopolitical tensions which is why gas prices are set to increase so much. The U.S. sanctions against Venezuela and Iran are causing problems with consistent flows of oil to North America. 

Hey Canada, you thought your new gas prices were bad? Welcome to #Vancouver.

April 7, 2019

The price per barrel is estimated to rise to $70 USD this summer. Compare this to the beginning of 2019, where the price of an oil barrel was $45USD.

No word on how this will affect driving habits in the coming months. People will feel the pressure of high gas prices this summer, that's for sure.

Let's just be happy that we aren't living in B.C. What with the high prices of rent, high prices of weed, beer, and now gas? Jeez, B.C., what gives? 

We'll update you periodically when we see a ridiculous gas price. 


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