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Great White Shark Spotted Lurking Further Into The Gulf Of Saint Lawrence Off Quebec

The shark has travelled all the way from South Carolina.
Great White Shark Spotted Lurking Further Into The Gulf Of Saint Lawrence Off Quebec

Scientists have been tracking Brunswick, a great white shark, with great interest since May. The 8 foot 9, 431 pound giant has, slowly but surely, made his way towards Quebec, where no great white shark has ever been recorded before.

Scientists first became aware of the unusual shark back in February, when they tagged him off the coast of Brunswick, Georgia.

Since then, the shark has travelled north, making headlines for reaching the Gulf of Saint-Lawrence a few kilometres off the coast of les Îles de la Madeleine in Quebec.

Now, the shark has apparently moved deeper into the St. Lawrence Gulf. This is according to Ocearch, an organization that tracks marine life and large predators to study their movements and feeding habits.

The Montreal Gazette reports that the shark is indeed travelling northwest in the Gulf of Saint-Lawrence. It has been a few days since we last knew the shark's exact location, but, if he is moving northwest, chances are that he is heading more toward the mainland.

The shark most recently pinged on August 20 at 6:54 p.m., but he did not surface long enough to get a reading. However, Osearch states that he is "pinging deep in the Gulf of St. Lawrence." 

You can actually track Brunswick's ocean odyssey, too, by using Osearch's tracking app. The app isn't perfect, so visitors to the site have to show patience.

Of course, like any viral star, Brunswick has his own Twitter handle. And he uses it to post inspiring messages for fans.

Keep on swimming on, Brunswick. But maybe, like, not too close to the beaches please and thank you.

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If you want to check out more pics and videos of Brunswick and other tagged sharks on Ocearch's Instagram, click here.

Brunswick does have his own Instagram site here, but there aren't too many regular updates. 

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