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Greta Thunberg Is Currently Touring Quebec & Clearly Having A Great Time
  • After leading the Montreal climate strike, Greta Thunberg apparently took a few days off to tour Quebec.
  • She also announced that she will embark on a tour of the western hemisphere, continuing southwest before concluding in Santiago, Chile.

Last Friday, Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg led the history-making strike in Montreal. The city could not have been prouder and came out in forces 500,000 strong to show support for the cause and for Thunberg herself.  

She had a whirlwind trip, meeting with everyone from Justin Trudeau to Mayor Valérie Plante. That's busy work for any of us. But now it looks like the 16-year-old is enjoying some much-needed downtime. And she's doing it in Quebec — and doing it with a huge smile. 

The latest picture Thunberg posted to her Instagram shows her standing in front of a field of sheep in Quebec.

Not only does she look happy to be checking out some of the Quebec landscape but she goes on to write about her excitement for her next travel plans: "So happy to say that the following weeks I’ll travel slowly through the North American continent, moving southwest and then eventually through South America towards Santiago. I will stop on the way and visit as many places as I can, and of course protest every Friday no matter where I am."

No word yet about how she will be making her way towards Santiago. But who knows, maybe Arnold Schwarzenegger will be kind enough to lend her his car again. 

I mean, who can keep a smile off their face when they're hanging out with some sheep? It's great to see Thunberg has some time, apart from trying to save the world, to check out the province.

Thunberg is often called out for her work ethic, and blunt, no-holds-barred speech by her detractors. She has even been trolled by the President of the United States who sarcastically tweeted, "She seems like a very happy young girl looking forward to a bright and wonderful future. So nice to see!"

In Montreal, she told reports that she takes such undue criticism from senior men as a compliment and a sign 

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On Friday, while meeting with Mayor Valérie Plante, and graciously accepting a key to the city of Montreal, Thunberg was again all smiles. And wrote via Instagram, "‪Yesterday I received the key to the city of Montréal by the mayor @val_plante. I am incredibly honoured by this, and so thankful for the reception I’ve been given here in Québec!‬"

It looks like we did good, guys. 

Maybe the detractors should note, that the serious face is due to the seriousness of the conversation. 

It will be interesting to see the updates to Thunberg's Insta in the coming weeks. 

You can follow @gretathunberg on Instagram to see her latest travels. 

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