An Outdoor Theatre In Montreal Is Screening "The Conjuring" For Free This Halloween

Plus free popcorn & hot chocolate!
Watch The Conjuring On Halloween At This Witch Market In Montreal
  • There is a "witch market" coming to Blvd Saint-Laurent this Halloween - get your broomsticks ready!
  • The street will turn into "Pumpkin Road" on October 31, so it'll be the perfect place to end this year's spooky season.
  • The Conjuring will be screened in Parc des Amériques.

For those of us that are perhaps a little past our prime when it comes to the trick-or-treating years, your go-to this Halloween will probably be a costume party.

But, if you're not one for dressing up, what is there to do?

Sure, you can stay home and hand out candy like a real adult... but sometimes it's worth taking advantage of spooky season and doing something that actually might give you a fright.

In and around Montreal, there are countless Halloween events going on, including haunted houses and La Ronde's Fright Night, though they'll obviously cost you.

So, what's left? Well, if you don't want to dress up or spend any money, believe it or not, I've got the perfect event for you!

This year on boulevard Saint-Laurent, there will be a Halloween "Witch Market" that will run all day long on October 31, only to be capped off with a free outdoor screening of The Conjuring. This means that you don't need to dress up or spend any money to say that you had a totally successful Halloween eve, complete with a couple jump scares to get your spook on.

Several businesses up and down Rue Saint-Laurent will be handing out candy, so if you're not looking to wander the Montreal neighbourhoods with the best decorations and candy, then this will definitely provide a plentiful alternative.

The post above explains that over 120 merchants along the "Pumpkin Road" will be giving out candy on Halloween night, and if they have a pumpkin outside when you get there, you're in luck.

It essentially sounds like if you walk any stretch of Saint-Laurent, from Sherbrooke up to Laurier, you're sure to pass a couple shops that will be dishing out des bonbons.

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For the "Witch Market," you'll find an "evil theatre" play, free activities all day long, magic tricks, and the day will round off with a showing of The Conjuring - the first in a series of supernatural horror films.  

Watch the trailer below.

This film has an 85% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. It tells the story of a family that moves into a new home, one that soon requires them to call on paranormal investigators after they are terrorized by a supernatural presence.

The movie is rated R for "disturbing violence and terror," so keep that in mind if you're planning on bringing any kids around the area.

Samhain 2019 

What: A Halloween "witch market" with a free movie showing of The Conjuring

When: Thursday, October 31, 2019

The witch market does from 9 a.m. until 10 p.m.
The movie showing starts at 7:30 p.m.

Where: Parc des Amériques, corner of Saint-Laurent and Rachel Est

Cost: Free!

NOTE: The film will be shown in English with French subtitles.

Head to the Facebook event page here for full details and to RSVP.