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Halloween Weather Forecast For Montreal Calls For Rain

MTL Blog's weather forecaster here, letting you know that it's official...  Environment Canada has rain in the forecast for Halloween in Montreal.

Now I'm definitely wishing I had stuck with my original couple costume of Rick and Morty this year instead of opting to go as a sexy Lilith complete with high heels... 

If I had just stuck with my Rick costume, I'd be safe under my long lab coat and mad scientist wig... I could wear my Blundstones and my flask and I would be perfectly content for the whole night. Now, instead, I have to worry about covering up my makeup and hair while trying not to step in any puddles on the way to the party in my stupid stilettos. 

Let this be a lesson to any of you who have yet to choose their costume - you have the chance to be warm and dry, take it. Just go find a really big white garbage bag and your super-dry ghost costume is officially complete.

For the rest of us who have already spent ridiculous amounts of money on an outfit that we're likely to only wear once... well, here's what you're in for this upcoming Halloween.

Below is the 7-day forecast for the Montreal area, provided by Environment Canada. Essentially, today is our last hurrah before we're in for a solid week of non-stop rain.

[rebelmouse-image 26888759 alt="Halloween Weather Forecast For Montreal Calls For Rain" photo_credit="Environment Canada" expand=1 original_size="915x490"] Environment Canada

And, of course, you'll see that they are calling for showers and rain both during the day and night of October 31. According to The Weather Network, the Probability of Precipitation (POP) is 80% for Thursday.

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While there were forecasts last week that had snow as a possibility for Montreal on Halloween night, it's now looking like it won't be quite cold enough for that to happen down here, although areas north of Montreal could very well still see some snow showers, according to Météo Média.

In Montreal, we're just stuck with more of the wet stuff, which most of us are pretty used to now, considering what a rainy October it has been.

If we do see any snow in Montreal, it will likely not fall until Friday since the temperature is expected to reach below zero that night.

If you're still trying to figure out how to spend your Halloween night, consider one of these Montreal Halloween parties that are perfect for those of us that are... too tall to go trick-or-treating.

Or, visit the Planetarium and watch a scary movie in the dome theatre (18+ only).

And if you still need a costume, consider one of these hilarious (and a little outrageous) Montreal-themed Halloween costumes that are topical and timeless.

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