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Halloweengate: Montreal Postpones Halloween 2019
  • The news that Montreal postponed Halloween this year sent the internet into a frenzy of hilarity, spurring the hashtag #Halloweengate.
  • People are shocked, stoked, and spewing sarcasm at the decision to have Halloween on November 1.
  • See some hilarious and downright spooky reactions below.

If you live in Canada, you've likely heard the news that Montreal postponed Halloween after several warnings issued by Environment Canada indicating that most of Southern Quebec was in for a pretty hefty storm on the evening of the 31st.

In the hopes of keeping the little ones safe (and just avoiding an all-around wet and miserable Halloween), Mayor Valérie Plante, along with officials from several other boroughs and towns in Southern Quebec, decided to recommend that residents put off Halloween celebrations until Friday, November 1. 

Cue the mayhem. 

News outlets (including us) took off with the news, and even ex-mayor Denis Coderre took to Twitter to react.

In fact, the majority of the reactions on Twitter were absolutely hilarious and, of course, people seemed completely outraged that this was even a consideration.

However, I think that says more about the demographics of people on Twitter than it does about the actual common reaction to the news from people who actually had to worry about taking their kids out in the rain tonight.

It's probably safe to assume that most of the people below were not actually planning on trick or treating with any young children this evening — at worst, they'd be outside only between their Uber and the indoor Halloween party they're set to attend (and that's if the Halloween party isn't actually scheduled for tomorrow.)

I think a fair point is made below in regards to the fact that we're essentially in November now, which means the gloves are off and Montreal weather is pretty much ready to take us down at any given moment between now and April.

But Halloween is different because honestly, the whole point is just wandering around outside for like three hours... who willingly does that in a storm?!

But it definitely is one of those things that makes you go, wait... can you actually do that?

Will the people... obey?

And, as I mentioned above, there was a fair share of — Halloween veterans, we'll call them — who went on about how in their day, they'd trick or treat for 5 kilometres in the snow, uphill, both ways.

I don't personally remember a Halloween where I walked the streets trick or treating in the snow, or even a really bad rainstorm. But I grew up in Ontario so, as with most topics, my perspective is completely inconsequential. 

Do you actually remember a Halloween in your youth that you had to trudge through the neighbourhood, trick or treating dans une tempette? Honestly, I'd love to hear about it, so tweet me @lvbs.

I mean, I definitely remember having to wear my snowsuit under my costumes, don't get me wrong. Clearly, my mom was that mom:

So, in that sense, I get what people are saying. Kid costumes are meant to be ruined by weather-appropriateness. It's one of those things that is Part Of Our Heritage™.

But I think with the intensity of what we can expect tonight, I can appreciate the desire to just... do it tomorrow when there's no rain in the forecast. Like, why not?!

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I'm actually on board to make Halloween one of those permanently flexible holidays. Considering the whole event is about a costume, we might as well have the freedom to do it on the day that is best suited for dressing up.

Plus, who wants to party on a school/work night?! I'm going to a Halloween party tonight and I'm already dreading waking up for work tomorrow morning, fake blood makeup all over my pillow, hungover from too many spooky shots.

I think what has really happened here is that Montreal has made history and changed the way we think about Halloween forever.

But I think this last tweet is really how we should all be looking at this turn of events:

We've essentially just been told that Halloween has been extended... so happy two-day Halloween 2019, Montreal!

We really did do that. Well, mayor Valérie Plante did that and she responded to the hashtag below.

Quebecoise singer Ariane Moffatt tweeted out that she was imagining "our dear mayor Val Plante doing a rain dance all day at the office, secretly wishing for a tornado!"

Plante's response? "Damned if you do, damned if you don't."

Damn straight. Plus, now we get two Halloweens. Checkmate. 

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