Best Photos & Tweets From Montrealers Who Didn't Give A Damn About Halloween Rain

Halloweengate who?
Halloweengate: Postponed Montreal Halloween Couldn't Stop These Brave Souls (Photos)

Despite the fact that Montreal mayor Valérie Plante postponed Halloween in Montreal due to warnings of a severe rainstorm, many Montrealers were out in full force, trick-or-treating and partying in the torrential downpour.

I ventured out into the city, costume and all, though as I am too grown for trick-or-treating, I skipped the strolling through the streets part and ventured instead for a party. But, even in the short amount of time, I was out there, I still got totally soaked. 

The rain really was heavy, although not necessarily dangerous, as the intense winds forecasted by Environment Canada didn't start up until early this morning, meaning there are a lot of people out there who have some... shady words for our mayor.

Yes, a lot of people were less than impressed with the decision and the whole thing even spurred the eventual #Halloweengate hashtag.

The skies in Montreal are starting to clear up and it's looking like perhaps tonight will be an all-star night for trick-or-treating... 

But let's take some time to appreciate those dedicated souls who braved the weather last night to celebrate spooky season on October 31, in true Halloween fashion.

For those that decided to heed the mayor's call and stay home instead of venture out into the storm last night, life probably felt exactly like this meme.

And if that was you, this is a little taste of what Montreal looked and felt like last night. 

Roads began to flood as rain fell at an astonishing rate and fallen leaves quickly began to back up sewage drains.

But the little monsters of Montreal were way more concerned with getting their hands on candy than getting a little wet, so it comes as little surprise that there were countless people out walking the streets last night. 

Halloweeners of all ages were spotted out across the city, making the most of a moist situation.

And at the end of the day, what's a little rain. 

Because the wind held off and it wasn't really that cold, any worries about health and safety were pretty quickly abated. 

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For those trick-or-treaters that did go out last night, they're likely going to be the biggest winners when it comes to the candy grab, considering they're going to get another chance to go out again tonight.

If you're a treat-giver, be on the lookout for anyone you saw last night... and give them double, they deserve it.

Many people couldn't help but acknowledge the camaraderie that developed amongst those tough and brave trick-or-treaters who ignored the warnings and went full-on anyway.

Even if some people decide to re-use their costume for a second night, you have to give them credit for going out in such terrible weather, just to stick to tradition and show their mettle. 

I really do commend these Montrealers for sticking to their guns and going for it. 

I don't think I can say I would have done the same.

Others are finding ways to make the best of a lousy situation.

Of course, some people are worried about tonight's weather, particularly with the intense wind that is still howling through Montreal, albeit less so than a couple hours ago.

Perhaps we'll get a Halloween part three tomorrow night?

Just kidding. 

And for those of you who don't give a shit about Halloween in the slightest, I have good news:

It's almost Christmas.

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