Heartless Person Leaves Nasty Note On Quebec Ambulance For Blocking A Driveway During An Emergency (Photo)

Urgences-Santé called out the mystery scribe on Facebook.
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Heartless Person Leaves Nasty Note On Quebec Ambulance For Blocking A Driveway During An Emergency (Photo)

If you've ever gone for a drive, you know how frustrating it can be to have to avoid emergency vehicles. It's annoying, sure, but most people deal with it because emergency vehicles have a job to doMost people. 

Leave it to a disgruntled Quebec commuter who apparently couldn't take the fact that an ambulance was blocking their driveway, right? This person was too busy to wait and decided to leave a disrespectful note to two paramedics

During a "priority 1" intervention, paramedics Marie-Pier Bouffard and her partner had to leave their ambulance blocking the entrance to a driveway. Someone was on their way home and decided to leave a nasty note, much to the surprise of the two paramedics.

The unnamed and unknown citizen left a note on the windshield of their ambulance that read, in French, "do not block the entrance!! You're a bunch of idiots!!" 

Urgences-Santé posted the above photo on Facebook, reminding people to be respectful to paramedics who are out there saving lives.

They write that, while it's a shame that an emergency vehicle might delay you by a few minutes, citizens should know that these vehicles will never intentionally block a thoroughfare. The paramedics have no idea who left the note on their ambulance. 

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At the time of writing, the Facebook post has garnered over a thousand reactions and has been shared over 800 times.

Urgences-Santé advised people to be respectful in the comments, but needless to say, they probably posted this picture to throw some shade. Paramedics have to think about many things at once and don't have time to field nasty notes from angry drivers. 

I imagine that the job of a first responder in Montreal is hard enough as it is. What with dodging traffic, cyclists, pedestrians, and orange cones all while trying to save lives...give these hard-working people a break for once! 

Next time you're frustrated because of an emergency vehicle, take a chill pill.

Remember, you're not the one rushing to save a life. 

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