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Here Are 2 Ways To Watch Habs Games For Free Even Though The NHL Season Is Suspended

This goes out to all those who really miss hockey.
Here Are 2 Ways To Watch Habs Games For Free Even Though The NHL Season Is Suspended
  • Despite a suspended NHL season, Montrealers can still cheer on their beloved Habs from the safety of their homes!
  • Watch virtual games and cheer on the e-Habs (who just might be better than the real thing).
  • Or relive past games thanks to NHL Live!

Since the NHL season was suspended last week due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Montreal Canadiens came up with a creative way to bring you all the games they were supposed to play this week. We all miss hockey more than anything, so the Habs and EA Sports have teamed up to make your self-isolation a little more tolerable. The solution? Live-streamed e-games! 

All week long, the team has been live-streaming virtual games on its Twitter, Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook channels.

For those who don't know, EA Sports has a video game called NHL 20. Hockey connoisseurs have been playing 'Chel since the first game came out in the 90s.

The games have gotten way more realistic since then and an untrained eye might not spot the difference right away. Fans can now enjoy the games the Habs were supposed to play from the comfort of self-isolation. 

Currently, the e-Habs are riding a three-game winning streak, sweeping their California road trip. Which, if we're being honest, would probably never happen in real life. 

If you really miss the Habs, this is probably the best way that you can get your fix for the foreseeable future! 

Last night, the e-Habs faced the e-Sharks, beating them 6-4.

e-Carey Price looked great in goal as the e-Sharks almost pushed them to the brink. 

The e-Habs are looking more confident with each passing game. They hope to continue their winning streak in e-Colorado this Saturday. 

Hey, Geoff Molson, whoever thought of this needs a raise. 

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Though it's fun watching hockey video games, sometimes you need a little more actual hockey to sustain you through this quarantine. 

The NHL has come up with a solution for all you lost souls, so don't worry! 

From now until April 30, Rogers Sportnet and the NHL have lifted the paywall off their streaming service NHL Live.

This means that fans can relive the most exciting games of the 2019-2020 season for free! 

Go e-Habs Go!

Quebec health officials released guidelines for individuals to follow to help stop the spread of COVID-19 in the province, you can read about them here.

More information on hygiene practices during the pandemic is available on the government of Canada's website here.

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