Here Are Some Resources To Help Homeless People In Montreal During The Extreme Cold This Week

Refer to this list if in need (or helping someone in need) of overnight accommodations.
Here Are Some Resources To Help Homeless People In Montreal During The Extreme Cold This Week

This morning Environment Canada released an urgent warning across the country that the "polar vortex" will cause temperatures to plunge drastically today from central Saskatchewan to eastern Quebec. 

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TL;DR Temperatures across Canada are expected to make a plunge due to the "polar vortex." Below is a list of homeless shelters in Montreal you can refer to if helping someone in need of accomodations tonight.

With overnight temperatures reaching wind chill values of -50 celsius in parts of the country, it has officially been deemed too cold for you to be outside overnight. Within minutes outside hypothermia and frostbite can set in. 

With wind chill values this rare, it is of upmost importance that unless entirely necessary, you should remain indoors overnight. 

Unfortunately, that always possible for homeless people in major cities. Even with homeless shelters in full winter protocol at the moment, those who are unable to access recouces to ensure a safe place to sleep tonight will be at severe risk. 

Luckily, Montrealers do have the opportunity to help the homeless on one of the coldest nights in the city. Below are the locations of services and shelters across the city that will welcome those in need of safety from the polar vortex or warm accomodations:




Le Plateau-Mont-Royal




With frostbite taking under 30 minutes to set in when wind chill is below -28C, homeless people in Montreal are in extreme need of finding shelter overnight.

If you see someone suffering in the extreme cold or in distress, you can also call 9-1-1.

For more resouces and information, you can visit 211 Grand Montreal HERE.

Stay safe, Montreal!

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