Kevin Hart in Montreal.

In the past decade or so, Montreal has been a go-to location to film movies.

The beauty of the city can be used and transformed in so many ways, which is one of the reasons why so much is always being shot here.  

You may or may not have noticed an influx in celebrity sightings recently. Most of those sightings have been due to the Just For Laughs Festival while other spottings can only be traced back to new production projects in our city.  

Currently, there are three big movies being filmed all around our lovely little Island, so keep your eyes open!    


When: Now Until August 16, 2019  

As many of you know, Kevin Hart has been in Montreal for quite some time.

The actor has been filming his latest movie titled Fatherhood, which will see him take on a more serious role.  

The movie is about a single father raising his daughter after his wife suddenly passes away the day after childbirth. 

The film, directed by the talented Paul Weitz, perhaps best known for the film About A Boy, is likely to be released sometime in 2020.    

Hart has been spotted in Monkland Village and possibly Côte-des-Neiges.

In an Instagram post featuring a moment from the movie, Ecollegey in Monkland is clearly visible in the background.

Google Maps

This past weekend, Hart took a break from filming to go to La Ronde with his family.

Spinning Gold

When: From Now Until September 20, 2019  

Spinning Gold is a biographical film written and directed by Timothy Scott Bogart. The film is based on the life of Timothy’s father, the legendary Neil Bogart.  

For those of you who don’t know, Neil Bogart was an American record executive who is most remembered as the founder of Casablanca Records, which later became Casablanca Records and Filmworks.  

Bogarts life was cut short when he passed away at 39, so the film is sure to be somewhat of a tear jerker.  

The film is jam packed with talented actors like Samuel L. Jackson, Neil Patrick Harris, Jason Derulo and Kenan Thompson.  

Filming appears to be taking place in N.D.G. The neighbourhood was even transformed into 1950's Brooklyn for this project.

Harris has also taken the time to do some exploring in Montreal. He recommends Sushi Park in Westmount.

Incendo, Rule of 3

When: From Now Until August 9, 2019  

For the next week of so, Incendo, Rule of 3 is filming throughout our beautiful and scorching hot streets.  

The film, directed by Caroline Labreche and produced by Incendo president Jean Bureau, has been shooting all throughout Montreal this summer, a press release confirms.

Starring Kelly Rutherford, who is known best for her role on Gossip Girl, the movie is about a woman who discovers her husband's secrets after he passes away in a car accident.  

The film also stars Canadian actress Erin Karpluk, best known for her role on Being Erica as well as Kate Corbett from Good Witch.  

Rutherford has been spotted in cafés on rue Crescent downtown. Keep your eyes open my fellow Montreal locals because on August 9th, they end shooting.

Let us know if you have spotted them filming around you!