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Hilarious Video Showing Two Quebec Men Pulling String To Work Their Windshield Wipers In The Snow

We all have our own way of tackling the winter season. Especially in Quebec, where winters can be unforgivingly brutal and annoyingly long, sometimes you just have to get a bit creative.

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TL;DR A hilarious video posted to Reddit shows two Quebeccers using a piece of string to manually work their windshield wipers in the snow. More details and video link below.

This is especially true in instances (and we've all been there) where an essential piece of winter attire or tool breaks in the middle of a storm. What choice do you have other than to improvise on the spot and find the most useful solution?

Well, that must've been what happened to these two Quebecers as they were driving the other day. A video posted to Reddit shows the men coming up with the most creative idea to combat the heavy snow despite busted windshield wipers.

Via Zealien | Reddit

Good, old fashioned manual labour. A string appears to be tied to each wiper, and while the men pull on the string, the wipers continue to clear the window! The video is titled "Only in Quebec, Canada," and seriously, we couldn't agree more.

Via Zealien | Reddit

There aren't too many other details besides this, but it's certain that Quebecers are definitely the most creative, especially when it comes to dangerous winter weather like that we've been having recently. 

Watch the video through this link HERE.

What other hilariously creative life hacks have you seen in the province? Let us know!


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