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Disney's "Home Alone" Reboot Has Finally Announced The Cast Set To Film In Montreal
  • There's no question that Home Alone is a cult classic Christmas movie.
  • So, when news broke there was going to be a Home alone reboot filmed in Montreal, people were more than a little excited.
  • People were also hungry for details - so we went digging to see what we could find. Here are some new details about the project coming to Montreal next year.

Home Alone is a Christmas movie classic. There is something about this film that just gets viewers in the Christmas spirit. A few weeks ago, Disney announced a Home Alone reboot of the cult classic and best of all, it will be filmed in Montreal. A lot of questions have yet to be answered like will Macaulay Culkin make an appearance and who will be the star of the film - and we have a few of those answers. 

So many of us have grown up watching the film and it is surreal to think that the reboot will be filmed in Montreal. 

According to PopGoesNews, cameras are scheduled to start filming in Montreal from “early February to mid-April.”

The details of production have been on the low for a while and I know I am not the only person who is impatiently waiting for more information. 

Luckily for you, I got a little scoop for you, most cherished reader. 

It is not said whether or not the film will have the same plot as the original but we do know the actor who will find himself in the same predicament as our beloved Kevin McAllister. 

Archie Yates is the young talent who earned himself the lead in this anticipated reboot. Not only is the kid an awesome actor, but he is honestly adorable! 

The storyline has been a well-kept secret but we do know that Yates will not be the only big name in the movie. 

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Sharing the screen with the young star are Rob Delaney and Ellie Kemper. 

Although it is unclear what their roles will entail, it has been confirmed that they will not be related to Yate’s character. 

That means that the three actors will be working within our city, giving all of us the chance to casually bump into them on during morning commute.

I am dying to get more details on this upcoming project, but for now, the fact that Ellie Kemper will be roaming about Montreal is enough to get me through the holidays.

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