A Café In Longueuil Is Transforming Into A Set For The Home Alone Reboot

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A Café In Longueuil Is Transforming Into A Set For The Home Alone Reboot

I have promised you, cherished reader, that I would share all my Home Alone reboot knowledge with you. And as a woman of my word, I have some new scoop for you. MTL Blog recently reported that part of the film was being shot in Parc St. Mark in Longueuil and we now have confirmation that they will be filming at a café in the area for the next three days.

Café Terrace 1957, located on rue Saint-Charles O. in Longueuil, is being taken over by the new Home Alone crew. The local coffee shop is now called the Dark Roast Cafe, at least for the next three days that is.

The charming local cafe went to Facebook to share a picture of the new sign that is gracing the front of the store. The caption read "Café Terrasse 1957 changes its name for the next 3 days for the shooting of home alone!"

The reboot of this iconic film will be starring Ellie Kemper, Rob Delaney, and Archie Yates. The plot is said to be different from the original, which means there will no longer be a Kevin McCallister. Instead, Yates will be playing the role of Max, a mischievous 9-year old who is full of character.

The actors are not the only big talents working on this movie. The Disney+ reboot was written by the talented Mikey Day who has also been a writer and cast member at SNL.

Dan Mezer, who is known for films like Dirty Grandpa and Brüno is the director working on the project. With the number of comedic personalities on set, I'm hoping this movie is going to make us laugh out loud.

I'm always skeptical when it comes to remakes of iconic movies, but something tells me this film is going to put a new and exciting twist on the Christmas classic.

And, knowing that it's being filmed in our city is making me even more excited to see it. I can't wait to see how many local spots I'm able to spot when I watch it. 

So, dear readers, if you're dying to get a glimpse of all the action, this is where you will be able to spot them for the next few days. Just be sure to respect the space of the crew and cast. 

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