The Scenes We're Hoping To See In The Home Alone Reboot Filming In Montreal

And what scenes we think are too iconic not to slip in!
The Scenes We're Hoping To See In The Home Alone Reboot Filming In Montreal
  • As most of us know by now, the new Home Alone reboot is being filmed in Montreal.
  • So, we thought it'd be fun to imagine which locations in our city will make it onto the big screen.
  • Read our assumptions for what parts of Montreal could end up in the film below!

I'm not gonna lie, I'm still in disbelief that the Home Alone reboot is being shot in Montreal. Throughout my childhood and way into my adult life, Home Alone has always been a go-to movie for me, and not only during Christmas time. Home Alone is one of those classic movies that is close to perfection. That is why I hope that in this re-make, they can keep some of the moments that made this film what it was.

The Home Alone reboot starring Ellie Kemper, Rob Delaney, and Archie Yates has officially made its way to Montreal. And, we at MTL Blog recently confirmed that they will be filming in both Hudson and Longueuil.

The original Home Alone had so many aspects that made it the cult-classic that is it. From the phenomenal set and cast to the perfectly executed storyline, this movie is going to be hard to re-make.

That is why I'm hoping that certain key elements and moments will be revisited in the new film. One thing I do know is that I am going to feel an immense amount of pride knowing that this movie was filmed in my favourite city in the world, Montreal!

A Beautiful Canadian Home

The house in Home Alone is one that I think everyone fell in love with. I personally can't wait to see where the new star of the film will live.

I was so excited about this that I even did my own research and found a few Montreal homes that would be perfect for the part.

I personally think the ideal Montreal neighbourhood for this film is Town of Mount Royal — the charm, the extravagant homes, the lights strung throughout the streets, all scream Home Alone to me!

An Epic Realization At YUL

This is such a pivotal moment of the film and I strongly believe that the new movie needs to do a little something to honour this epic scene, even if it's supposed to be vastly different from the original.

Perhaps they'll even film is at YUL airport, perhaps we will be able to spot a Tim Hortons in the distance — I guess we need to wait and see.

 The Underground City

One thing that could be used to his advantage is the underground city. By running away from the bad guys, getting off at Peel and running through Les Cours Mont-Royal until reaching Time Out Market or maybe stopping at the World Trade Center.

If he ends up in one of the downtown malls, he's likely to never know where he's going. He'll be trying to find his way and think "Is this the Eaton Centre? How did I get to Place Ville Marie? If I go left, will I be in Les Cours Mont-Royal?"

But, if he manages to find his way, he'll find out that our underground city is an ideal setting for anyone trying to run away.

Parc La Fontaine

Montreal is full of picturesque parks that would look great on film, particularly Parc LaFontaine.

This vast and iconic park has a real Bryant Park feel and it would be kind of perfect to have a wintery scene that shows off the beauty of the park, and of course, the city of Montreal.

Not to mention, the park is big enough for the new Kevin to get lost in, just in case they attempt to remake some scenes from Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.

A Memorable Reaction To Pot Holes In The City

I think out of all the Home Alone moments, this scene is the most iconic of them all.

However, instead of him having this reaction while washing his face, perhaps Archie Yates will have it off-camera, when the uber he is in hits a pothole and he is stranded on the 40, on his way to Hudson.

"Ya Filthy Animal" Scene At La Belle Pro

At some point or another, it needs to be said. And, in case the director is reading this, maybe instead of having a pizza delivered, you should have him eating poutine at La Belle Province, ya filthy animal!

A Fake Party At Igloofest

Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to throw a party exactly like this. I do hope that the new film is as inventive as the original. However, instead of being in his house, maybe he fools the bad guys into finding him at Igloofest.

The snowsuits, house music and crowds of people will definitely distract the bad guys.

Bad Guys With A French Accent 

There would be no Home Alone without the bad guys in the movie. This is why, I think that as an ode to Montreal, the film should have the bad guys be of French Canadian descent.

The bad guys could drive through the streets of Saint-Henri or Hudson in hopes of executing their well thought out plan, viewers can be mesmerized by the charm of our city.

A Battle Plan

Home Alone would not be what it is without this well thought out battle plan. In the original movie, it shows our little Kevin in a church followed by him roaming through the city.

Since the new movie is filmed in Montreal, maybe they will have the lead walk to the Oratory or maybe show him trekking through Old Montreal or Saint-Henri.

Booby Traps Using Rue Barré Signs

I think every kid was in awe with Kevin's intelligence and ability to create these well-functioning booby traps that ultimately helped him get the bad guys.

However, this time instead of booby traps, maybe he can trap the bad guys by putting "Rue Barré" signs throughout his neighbourhood to confuse the culprits and have them give up.

A Couple Shots Of Montreal

What I am most looking forward to is knowing that there is a chance of me spotting out my city in this much-anticipated production.

Our city has a charm that shines on film and I couldn't be more excited to brag to all of my friends in Toronto that the movie was filmed in Montreal!

All of these ideas are assumptions, but one thing is for sure, we won't be seeing Macaulay Culkin in Montreal — at least not that we know about!

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