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Taiwanese Giant Fried Chicken Chain Hot-Star Is Opening Its First West Island Location

The chicken cutlets are the size of your head!
Hot-Star Fried Chicken Is Opening A New Location In The Montreal West Island

In the latest fast-food news, Hot-Star is set to open its second location in Quebec in Pointe-Claire in the Montreal West Island. The Taiwanese fried chicken chain already operates a location in downtown Montreal, which opened in 2018. There are also seven Hot-Stars elsewhere in Canada, five in Ontario and two in B.C., with additional plans for new locations in Ottawa and Mississauga.

The fast-food company is most famous for its "crispy chicken that’s larger than your face" and occasionally filled with cheese. 

"Hot-Star Large Fried Chicken was born in 1992 in Taiwan and has been selling extra-large fried chicken cutlets ever since!" the restaurant explains on its website.

"Hot-Star’s chicken cutlets are at least 30 cm in size and are so tender and juicy, that you will fall in love with them with every bite!"

The giant servings of chicken wrapped in paper, evoking the food of the Taipei Shi-Lin Night Market, certainly make for some good Instagram fodder.

The announcement of the new Pointe-Claire Hot-Star appeared with little fanfare on the restaurant website, though it's unclear exactly when.

The manager of the Hot-Star location in downtown Montreal tells MTL Blog that the new restaurant is set to open at the end of April 2020.

[rebelmouse-image 26887704 photo_credit="Hot-Star Canada" expand=1 original_size="1348x528"] Hot-Star Canada

The website lists the Pointe-Claire location address as 303 Brunswick blvd., formerly the site of a Desjardins bank branch and adjacent to a Tim Hortons, according to the municipal registry of commercial and industrial enterprises.

Hot-Star Fried Chicken is not the only fast-food company to announce expansion plans in Quebec.

Ultra-popular Filipino chain Jollibee expects to open its first Quebec location in the coming years, a spokesperson told MTL Blog.

While there is not yet an exact location or opening date, a Quebec Jollibee will be among the 100 planned in a major expansion effort in Canada.

The news of the Pointe-Claire Hot-Star is sure to excite West Islanders. Montreal, and Quebec at-large, is notoriously devoid of many of the most popular chain restaurants in North America due to regulations meant to protect the French language and strict labour laws.

However, many of these chains operate locations within easy driving distance of Montreal in Ontario, New York, and New England.

Check out our maps of nearby restaurants in Ontario and the U.S. to plan your next food road trip!

Stay tuned for more news about the Hot-Star location in Pointe-Claire. Check out their website here!

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