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Hydro Quebec Employees Triple Their Salaries With Overtime But Hydro Won't Refund Customers Over $1,000,000,000 In Overcharges

A few days ago, we reported that the CAQ government has refused to pay back the roughly $1.7 billion in overcharges, despite campaign promises to do so. But according to TVA Nouvelles, employees gained an 8% increase in overtime hours last year. In monetary terms, this means that Hydro Quebec has a surplus of $164 million dollars to provide bonuses to their employees. Some employees will see a threefold increase in their total salary. 

Hydro Quebec employees work hard and deserve to be paid well for their labour, but this news is sure to be frustrating to the Hydro customers whose payments in overcharges in the last decade produced billions in revenue for the corporation. 

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TL;DR Some Hydro Quebec employees are tripling their salaries due to increased overtime hours. Meanwhile, the CAQ provincial government has refused to pay back all of the roughly $1.7 billion overcharges to Hydro customers.

In fact, Hydro Quebec reported profits of $3.19 billion in 2018, according to the Montreal Gazette. Despite soaring profit margins and amazing employee bonuses, Hydro Quebec and Francois Legault's CAQ government refuse to pay back what many in Quebec feel they are owed. Last year, customers were overcharged nearly $180 million, and despite campaign promises, Quebecers will see less than half of that money paid back to them.

The situation is complicated but sure to inflame frustration with the power company. Already, an online petition has called on premier François Legault and the CAQ government to repay all Hydro overcharges and pass a new law to guaruntee 100% of future overcharges are returned to customers. The government has yet to respond to these demands.

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Legault claims that a full refund would be impossible because much of this money has already been distributed as benefits and dividends.

Stay tuned for updates on this constantly developing story. 


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