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Thousands Of People Are Still Without Power In Quebec After Halloween Storm

Hydro Québec has made incredible progress to restore power in Montreal.
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Hydro Québec Is Working Hard To Restore Power To Thousands After Halloween Storm
  • A Hydro Québec spokesperson tells MTL Blog that employees are working hard to restore power to homes affected by the intense Halloween storm that struck the southern part of the province.
  • Almost everyone affected by the storm in Montreal now has power, but thousands are still without power in Laval and on the South Shore.

On Friday, much of Southern Quebec was affected by an intense storm that left almost 1 million people without power. Hydro Québec worked around the clock all weekend to restore power to the most affected regions and has so far made amazing progress. 

Though there are still 43,000 customers without power across the province, that represents only 2,742 actual power outages, according to a Hydro Québec spokesperson. At the height of the event last Friday, there were approximately 990,000 customers without power. Severe damages were seen throughout the province and crews had to make extensive repairs to the power grid. 

Currently, the most affected regions are the lower and upper Laurentians and Centre du Québec in towns such as Drummondville and Victoriaville. On the South Shore, 5,795 customers are without power and in Laval, roughly 4,600. 

Some 5,000 customers in Montreal today were without power as a gas leak forced Hydro Québec crews to cut power. The situation is currently reaching its end.

Hydro Québec tells MTL Blog that most customers will have power back by tomorrow. Severe winds and rain swept through the province on Friday, causing extensive damages, especially to remote areas. Hydro Québec crews are faced with difficulty when trying to restore power to rural areas. 

At the time of writing, fewer than 400 customers in Montreal are still actually affected by the storm.

In Dollard-des-Ormaux, a container knocked down three Hydro Québec poles. Crews worked around the clock to replace the poles. 

Translation: Our teams have been working tonight and will continue until the last customer is reconnected. Now, 545,000 customers in #panne while there were 950,000 at the top of the event yesterday. Always 1000 people on the ground today. Thank you for your patience.

A Hydro Québec spokesperson tells MTL Blog that each pole takes 5 to 7 hours to replace. Considering how extensive the damages are across the province, Hydro Québec has done an "admirable job" restoring power to their customers, according to their spokesperson. 

Translation: 94% of customers who have had a power outage since Friday have recovered electricity this morning, and 1,400 employees are on the ground to reconnect the 56,000 customers still without service. Our teams will work tirelessly until all Quebecers are reconnected.

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In the Montreal area, wind gusts reached as high as 90km on Friday.

It took 3 days and over 1,000 workers, but Hydro Québec has made extensive progress to help restore power across the province. 

Hydro Québec also enlisted the help of other power companies from the United States and Ontario to assist in the extensive amount of work. 

In certain cases, power will only be restored by tomorrow, especially to more remote areas. 

Translation: IMPORTANT: for your #sécurité, do not approach the electrical wires of the network. More than 1,200 employees are on the ground right now to restore service. For the safety of all, let this work to the specialists! Thank you for your collaboration.

To find out about power outages in your area, please visit Hydro Québec's official website

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