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I Tried The SQDC's First Hash Product & This Is My Honest Opinion

Two grams of os.Hash20 go for $39.90.
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I Tried The SQDC's First Hash Product & This Is My Honest Opinion

The SQDC dropped its first-ever hashish product on 4/20 with much fanfare. Available both online and in-store, HEXO Corp's os.Hash20 comes in two-gram quantities for $39.90. We managed to get our hands on some before it was all sold out

It's been a while since I smoked hash, so I was excited when I finally got the package. Seeing as we're all confined at home (for the time being), it's a perfect time to try something different, wouldn't you agree? 

Like cannabis flowers, hashish can be consumed in many ways, from smoking to baking it in brownies. The effects, however, are slightly more concentrated than dried cannabis. 

The SQDC, in fact, advises people that this product is "high-intensity and should be consumed in small amounts at a time." Keep that in mind if you're trying hash for the first time.

For this review, I smoked the hash, once mixed with tobacco and once mixed with dried cannabis flower.

If you don't enjoy tobacco, you can smoke hash without it but you'll need a pipe or a bong. The latter was a little intense even for an experienced smoker like me so I don't recommend it for inexperienced smokers. 

Without further ado, here's what to expect if you purchase os.Hash20. 

The Packaging 

Teddy Elliot | MTL Blog

Coming in a tiny black pouch, the packaging is typical of what you can expect from the SQDC. Like most of the company's bagged products, there's a safety tab that prevents the ziplock from being opened by children.

The product I received had a total of 27.6% THC content — a potent percentage for those less experienced.

Inside, the hash is protected with a smaller plastic baggie — a smart choice that will keep it fresher for longer. The smaller bag is not resealable, however.

The two-gram brick of hash was aesthetically appealing and had a strong smell outside of the baggie. Keep that in mind if you're opening it in public.

The Hash

Teddy Elliot | MTL Blog

Other than its pleasing looks, the product itself is what you'd expect from a brick of hashish.

The small brick is characterized by slight stickiness and dense yet springy texture.

The hash will need to be warmed up with a lighter before you crumble it up. For the most part, the hash retains its stickiness and structural integrity, making it ideal for those of you who enjoy doing bottle tokes.

A word of warning, though: once the hash is soft and crumbly, it's liable to stick to your fingers so put on a medical glove if you don't want any residue.

The Smoke 

Original Stash

I crumbled it in a tobacco joint at first to feel the full effects of the hash. It has a full-bodied flavour and is distinctly "hashy." You'll know what I mean when you smell it!

Its effects came on after a few minutes and quickly settled into a nice, euphoric body high. The effects are typical of what you'd expect from a hash product, lasting between an hour and a half to two hours.

The second time around, I combined the hash with dried cannabis flower and really felt the effects.

I'm no lightweight and I perhaps rolled too large of a joint, but that's my business, ok?

For you inexperienced smokers, I don't recommend rolling too large of a combo joint. As I learned, less is more.

The Verdict

Overall, os.Hash20 is a good product that's typical of what you'd expect from hashish.

I wouldn't praise it for being special in any particular way, it's simply hash — it is what it is. My only negative is that it's slightly pricey for such an average product.

Hash smokers will appreciate it for its decent quality and non-hash smokers might buy it for the novelty but I think most cannabis consumers will stick to what they know.

Overall, os.Hash20 gets a 3.5/5.

The opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Narcity Media.

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