If You Sweat Too Much, You Could Win A $1,300 Scholarship From A Montreal-Based Company

The scholarship wants to raise awareness for people with Hyperhidrosis.
If You Sweat Too Much, You Could Win A $1,300 Scholarship From A Montreal-Based Company

There are people who sweat a lot, and then there are people who sweat A LOT. In fact, people who feel they sweat too much often suffer from what is known as hyperhidrosis, a medical condition characterized by excessive sweating that affects approximately 5% of the global population.

To raise awareness for this medical issue, Dermadry, a Montreal-based company, is offering a scholarship to people who have hyperhidrosis.

The scholarship, worth US $1,000 USD, or CAD$1,300, is open to students all over the world.

According to Dermadry, students with hyperhidrosis have it rough. They state that, "whether you’re constantly sweating through your school uniform, shying away from social activities, or ruining books, papers, and technology tools because of your sweaty hands, it’s hard to ignore the effects hyperhidrosis can have on student life."

Dermadry spokesperson Mathieu Mireault states that this "can also lead to an increase in stress and anxiety levels, and lead to isolation and bullying," in what is an already challenging environment for any student.

To destigmatize and raise awareness about the condition, the Montreal-based company is offering a US$1,000 scholarship and a sweat-controlling treatment called Dermadry Total (valued at US$349).

Entering to win the scholarship is pretty simple. Students have to create a video that explores the impacts of excessive sweating on their studies and daily life. Then, you can upload the video to Dropbox or YouTube.

From the submitted videos, a few finalists will be selected, and the general public will be asked to vote for their favourites.

Students all over the globe are encouraged to enter. The only requirement is that students be 18 and over.

You can put that money towards books, tuition, or whatever else you see fit. It'll be one less thing to sweat about.

You can find out more about the scholarship on Dermadry's website.