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Here Are The Most Iconic Outfits From The First Weekend Of Montreal's Igloofest 2020

The only place a balaclava isn't completely terrifying.
Here Are The Most Iconic Outfits From The First Weekend Of Montreal's Igloofest 2020

Montreal's Igloofest 2020 is back again to heat up those cold winter nights down in the Old Port in the best way possible, with endless beats, dancing and downright ridiculous outfits. There's no question that Montrealers go all out when it comes to dressing up for Igloofest, and whether it's for fashion or to fend off frostbite, we can never get enough.

Some of the city's best photographers, like Olivier Savoie and William Wachter, are out for the event and you can see all their pictures as the event unfolds at the official Igloofest Instagram page here.

But don't overlook the amateurs who are out there snapping pics with freezing fingers as they enjoy the event, too. We tried to include a healthy mix of photos from all kinds of people in all kinds of outfits for this compilation.

Yes, Igloofest really is a special place. It's that one notable time of year when a balaclava isn't completely terrifying and dressing up in an animal outfit in public doesn't make you a furry. 

And who can deny the excitement of having an excuse to wear that perfect 80s neon-coloured one-piece snowsuit? Every type of person chooses to go all out at Igloofest, which has made itself a winter staple in Montreal for 13 consecutive years now.

There's a reason that thousands of electronic music lovers brave the sub-zero temperatures every year to dance the cold away in Montreal's Old Port for Igloofest.

Translation: You make us hot when you dress like that.

After 13 years, the event has everything down to a carefully-crafted science, including the hilarious welcome sign that never fails to disappoint.

The music is loud and impossible not to dance to, the fires are hot and marshmallows are free. 

Bright lights and cold beers add to the unique environment that continues to bring in record crowds year after year, despite how freaking cold it gets in Montreal.

Without question, the '80s one-piece snowsuit has become the unofficial Igloofest uniform.

Some people spend the whole calendar year scouring Renaissance stores around the city looking for that perfect neon snowsuit.

And who can blame them?

The suits look good and do the job of keeping your tuckus warm when temperatures drop to -20 C with the windchill in Montreal's Old Port.

Plus, the neon colours blend perfectly with the lights and background pieces around the event space, creating this perfect futuristic-retro mashup that has come to scream "Igloofest."

I've seen more than a couple photos tagged #Iglooswag and I have to say: the hashtag has me sold. 

Even the dudes brought their A-game this year rocking some sexy AF onesies that are officially no longer just for the slopes.

The weather this weekend brought some of the coldest temperatures we've seen thus far this winter and that still didn't stop anyone from coming out to get their dance on.

And as I mentioned above, someone Igloofest has managed to even make balaclavas cool... or at the very least, not totally terrifying.

But my personal favourite outfit option for nights out at Igloofest is the absolutely ridiculous...

Like Santa here. He gets it.

The onesie trend carries on but instead of opting for a regular snowsuit, Igloofest goers get to see everything from Pokemon to reindeer and anything in between.

And if you can't choose between Santa and a beaver or racoon... go as a festive beaver or raccoon, like these guys, below, who seemed to be a particularly big hit this year, if the #igloofest_mtl hashtag is any indication.

Yep, you can see nearly anything at Igloofest... including this guy, caped in the Royal Standard flag of the United Kingdom...

Prince Harry? Is that you?

Second to the '80s snowsuit in popularity at Igloofest is the choice to don some animal duds and let your inner furry fly.

This couple of Montreal mice were another big hit, along with the beaver and raccoon duo.

Though no animal is really left out. There are pandas, sharks, unicorns and other mystical creatures... like Pokémon!

Everyone really goes all out for Igloofest and that is part of what makes it so special... just picture the city before and after the event...

Unicorns and foxes and dinosaurs just roaming the city and riding the metro. Perfection.

This guy is apparently a pink poodle, though it's hard to tell since he's dancing so hard.

Even Pikachu made an appearance, throwing up a peace sign as snow fell over the city.

There's no question that Igloofest is one of those completely unique Montreal events that is made so special by the people who attend it.

There's a lack of inhibition that precedes any drinking... it's just love and excitement all around and that acceptance allows for the most ridiculous outfits, year after year.

You keep doing you, Montreal. We live for it, every year.

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