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The CAQ Wants To Ban Growing Cannabis At Home In Quebec (Again)

The Quebec government will appeal a ruling that allows at-home cultivation.
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The CAQ Wants To Ban Growing Cannabis At Home In Quebec (Again)

François Legault and his CAQ government will appeal the Quebec superior court's ruling that invalidates the restrictions on growing up to four cannabis plants at home, according to a report from Radio-Canada. 

In September, Quebec's superior court decided that the CAQ's ban on home cultivation was in direct violation of federal law. The ruling made private cannabis growth immediately legal in the province. The CAQ is moving to appeal this decision because Legault asserts that home growing "normalizes" cannabis use. 

The CAQ has repeatedly attempted to limit the circulation of the now-legal drug. Legault has made efforts to increase the legal age of consumption to 21 in Quebec and has proposed limiting smoking in parks and common areas.

For the moment, federal law stipulates that you're able to grow and cultivate up to 4 cannabis plants for personal use.

In the eyes of many Quebec ministers in the CAQ caucus, the SQDC is more than adequate to provide for the needs of cannabis users in the province. 

According to The Leaf News, in 2018 in Quebec "the punishment for cannabis cultivation plant" was "a fine ranging from $250 to $750 for a first offence and doubled for further offences."

Early this year, the SQDC estimated that the government will see $89 million in tax revenue at the end of the fiscal year.

The SQDC sold $71 million worth of weed from October 17, 2018, to March 30, 2019. 

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According to CBC News, Superior Court Justice Manon Lavoie says the ban is unconstitutional because it amounts to criminal legislation of a legal product. 

The Quebec government asserts that it worries about the public's safety should they allow growing pot at home. The government will fight the decision in court in the coming months. 

It's unclear how the appeal process will proceed but Legault claims that both main parties, the CAQ and the Liberals, oppose home growing in Quebec. 

Expect more developments to come. Meanwhile, the CAQ has yet to put forth a motion to raise the legal age of cannabis consumption from 18 to 21. 

In other provinces, the legal age is 19. 

If you're growing at home, you don't have anything to worry about yet.

It's unclear what will happen if the CAQ appeal is successful.

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