It Has Never Been Easier To Find A Job In Montreal

It might be bad for the economy but it's good for you.
Montreal skyline from river

Two weeks ago, in a report released by Youthful Cities, Montreal was ranked as the #1 best place to find a job for youth in Canada

With so many employment opportunities already in Montreal, the job search is about to get even easier. 

It turns out the Montreal tourism sector is seriously hurting for employees and while that's bad for business, it could be good for you.

Earlier in the year, La Ronde struggled to fill over 800 jobs for the summer season and are already on the lookout for employees for fall when students typically head back to school.

With the latest news that the government of Canada is injecting over $5.5M into Tourisme Montréal to shed a little more international light on what an awesome, multicultural province Quebec is to travel to, this means even more job opportunities. 

It's not just Montreal they'll be focusing on, $780,000 of that money will include a marketing strategy for Quebec City, Outaouais, and the Laurentides region.

The announcement comes at an opportune moment as Quebec City has been ranked as thebest destination to travel in Canada by none other than Travel + Leisure magazine. 

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According to Radio Canada, the restaurant sector has been hit the hardest with the labor shortage.

Montreal is a foodie destination with some world-class chefs operating out of our city. If these positions aren't filled it could be bad news for not only tourism but the possibility of losing some of those big names to other cities. 

If you're interested in a job in food and beverages, accommodations, events, conferences or local attractions, now is the ideal time to get your foot in the door. Quebec's travel industry is estimated to add another 50,000 jobs by 2021. That's on top of the half-million jobs out there. 

With that expected expansion of Canadian tourism, you could have a job for life

And that's almost impossible to say these days. 

Check out all just a few of the tourism jobs listed here

Go in person to check out Montreal's biggest job fair, for more information click here

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