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It Will Finally Be 20°C And Sunny Next Week In Montreal

Oh, what a glorious feeling!
It Will Finally Be 20°C And Sunny Next Week In Montreal

When I first read that, I didn't believe it either, ok? But it's true! Starting this weekend and into Monday, the city of Montreal will enjoy its first brush with summery temperatures!

As we reported earlier this week, nice weather will creep up on us starting Saturday, where the high is projected to be hovering around 16°C. Sunday will be even better, with temperatures projected to be around 19°C. 

Even though Monday is probably the least fun day of the week, at least it'll be nice, right? So this weekend put away those heavy coats and bust out the white sneakers, summer is almost here!

Here's the latest 7-day forecast, obtained from our friends over at The Weather Network. 

[rebelmouse-image 26892999 photo_credit="The Weather Network" expand=1 original_size="964x757"] The Weather Network

As you can see, this weekend will be perfect for Tam Tams and terrasses. The sun will be out and a light breeze will be blowing. With absolutely no rain on the horizon, you'll be able to enjoy the outdoors carefree. 

The real good news is Monday, where it'll be 20°C with a slight chance of rain. Of course, that rain might go away. And hey, if it does rain, don't be mad! It's Monday anyway, shouldn't you be at work?

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One of my favourite ways to celebrate the arrival of warmer temperatures is by drinking outdoors. Yeah, I know you can drink outdoors in the winter too, but I'd rather not risk frostbite trying to pour a glass of wine, ok?

It's not like I have a problem or anything, but something about warm weather makes me want to party. We Montrealers have to profit as much as possible! 

Like many, I always complain about how we seem to only have two seasons: winter and July. Though this might be true, let's enjoy it, we've only got one Montreal!

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Make like this girl and do a handstand to celebrate the arrival of warmer weather and gorgeous sunny days. I can't wait to see what this summer in Montreal has in store for us! 

See you all on the bike path or on the terrasses, Montreal!


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