Good News: Montreal Is Finally Going To Have "T-Shirt Weather"

The weather in Montreal has been rather testy lately, but we're finally in for some summer warmth. This week in Montreal is going to bring several days over 20°C and lots of sun, so you can finally leave your denim jacket at home when you leave for work.

While we do have some rain coming near the end of the week, it's going to feel like 20°C or higher for nearly every day from now until next Tuesday.

So evening park hangs and your 5 à 7 on a terrasse just got a whole lot better - and it's about time!

The Weather Network

The forecast seen above, provided by The Weather Network, shows the forecast for tomorrow until next Tuesday. While some days are forecasted below 20°C, like Friday for example,  it's still going to feel like 22°C, even if it is raining. And we can't complain about the rain in May, guys... that's how everything finally blooms all beautiful and green.

Saturday is the ONE blemish on this otherwise beautiful week, but again, we need the rain. Plus, you're going to be so tuckered out from running around in the sun all week, Saturday is going to be a perfect day to snuggle up under the covers, let the rain tap-tap on your window and maybe take in one of Netflix's best documentaries

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Or, if you're like me and all you want is to enjoy a beer while you bask in the sun try one of the terrasses on our Ultimate Terrasse List. Or, if you're really like me and like to save a buck, just head to the park with your favourite six-pack and a couple pals, a blanket, maybe a speaker and you're set.

The reality is: now that T-Shirt weather is upon us, Montreal is about to evolve into its best self. We love Montreal in the summer, it's unlike any other city in Canada and we are finally entering its best moment. 

Plus, we DESERVE THIS. After the winter we went through with all that ice and snow and rain and ice and snow... man. I am ready to bask in the rays of the good ol' soleil. 

Which isn't to say I hate winter... I'm just glad it's over. 

See you out in the sun this week, Montreal!