It's Going To Be 17°C And Sunny All Weekend In Montreal

The Weather Network is predicting warm weather in the city.
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It's Going To Be 17°C And Sunny All Weekend In Montreal

This morning, Montreal woke up to frosty temperatures of minus 2°C and naturally, everyone was livid. Wasn't spring supposed to stick around for just a little while at least? For shame. 

While the weather will absolutely suck today and probably tomorrow (where rain is predicted all day, yuck), we Montrealers have a lovely weekend to look forward to!

If it all goes according to plan and Apollo blesses us with his mercy, we're due for highs of 17°C with tons of fun in the sun! 

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I know that you've all been waiting for the perfect weekend to attend your first Mont-Royal Tam Tams or perhaps have your first terrasse brunch of the season, hell, maybe all you've wanted to do is go for a walk without a coat on! Whatever your fancy, this weekend's weather will definitely cooperate with you.

Unless it doesn't, in which case, blame the gods for being cruel. While there are no guarantees with this (we're predicting weather patterns, after all), it seems that all is shaping up according to plan. 

As you can clearly see, we've got warm sunny temperatures fast approaching. We will, unfortunately, have to contend with a spot of rain tomorrow and Friday with precipitation an 80% probability for Friday. 

It'll all be worth it in the end, though! This weekend seems like the first one in a while to be clear and beautiful. There's a low probability of precipitation and the winds will blow a slight breeze. Perfect tanning weather? Yas, queen!

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What will you be planning on doing this weekend? 

I for one, am super stoked on maybe hitting up my first Tam Tams of the year. Hope the grass isn't too yellow, because that would kinda zap the whole vibe, innit? In any case, it's shaping up to be a glorious weekend. 

How about that, eh? A bit of good news to brighten up your morning! You don't see that too often. We'll soon go back to our regularly scheduled programming of terrible news and angry Tweets. Stay tuned!

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Some other great things you can potentially do outdoors this weekend is to go check out the Gay Village rainbow balls or get into some creepy Craigslist shenanigans. 

With sunny weather all weekend long, the possibilities are absolutely endless! 

Bon weekend, Montreal! 


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