It's Going To Be 6°C And Sunny In Montreal Tomorrow

Finally some weather we can look forward too!
It's Going To Be 6°C And Sunny In Montreal Tomorrow

Spring has officially been upon us for a few days now, and although it really hasn't felt too different than the last weeks of winter, the weather has already been making minor adjustments as we inch closer to April.

Yes, most of the snow is gone. Weather also isn't brutally cold either. But right now, Montreal is in that weird state of limbo between the cold and warm season, and we desperately need to snap out of it soon.

Well, the wait might not be as long as you think, as tomorrow might actually feel a bit more like spring than you anticipated.

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TL;DR Wednesday in Montreal will be welcoming temperatures as warm as 6°C accompanied by a lot of sun. The conditions will be the best all week, despite having a low of -3°C. The rest of the week leading into the weekend does get warmer, but is accompanied by April showers. More details below.

According to The Weather Network's weekly forecast, Montreal will be seeing a temperature high of 6°C tomorrow! Not only that, but there won't even be a cloud in the sky either.

Yes, for the first time in what seems like forever, Montreal is going be super sunny with the perfect sweater weather.

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Conditions like this give Montrealers some hope that an actual summer might be on the way, so I think I speak for all of us when I say we'll take as much of this kind of weather as we can get.

The low for Wednesday will be -3°C, so although we won't completely rid of those less desirable temperatures it's definitely a start for the super warm days that lie ahead.

As for the rest of the week, Thursday will welcome temperatures a bit warmer at 7°C, with both Friday and Saturday landing 8°C.

The weather conditions won't be as nice as tomorrow though, as we should expect some early April showers leading into the weekend.

Nonetheless, tomorrow is the type of weather we need to celebrate! Make the most of our first real day of spring and spend some time outdoors. 

Enjoy the weather tomorrow, Montreal!