It's Going To Be Cold And Rainy All Week In Montreal

I hope you all benefitted from the past couple days of amazing weather because it looks like we're in for a cold and rainy week in Montreal.

While we were blessed with 20°C weather all weekend long, the temperatures are about to dip back down to the low teens and we're looking at rain pretty much every day except Thursday. 

So if you're making plans to sip some vino in the park after work this week, make it Thursday... because that's the only good day we've got coming.

The Weather Network

The Weather Network's weekly forecast, seen above, shows the dip in temperature we can expect this week, and if you're headed to work right now then I'm sure you're already feeling it.

Why does it have to feel so much colder after a bout of beautiful sun? It honestly just makes the dip in temperature that much harder to deal with. I want to be warmmmmm!

The Weather Network

The good news is that the weekend looks like it'll be a good opportunity to pull that bike out or head down to the canal for the day. Still, no 20°C, but we'll take what we can get.

But unfortunately, next week looks like more rain, more cold, more misery.

I guess this is Spring?

So be sure to take advantage of that last bit of sun tomorrow, because the end of our week is going to be a sad, soggy rain-fest.

And if you do get up to something fun this weekend, sun or not, be sure to tag us in your Instagram stories or send us your fun videos @MTLBlog.