It's Going To Feel Like 32°C In Montreal Tomorrow

Get out your shorts and t-shirts, Montreal, it looks like summer has officially arrived. If you've been putting off shaving your legs or stocking up on sunscreen, your time is up.

We already told you yesterday that it was going to be freaking beautiful in Montreal this whole week, but we now know that it is apparently going to feel like 32°C  in Montreal tomorrow afternoon.

Too hot? TOO BAD. We've been waiting far too long for this and I won't hear a single complaint about the heat. Winter will come soon enough and then you'll be dreaming of this warm weather.

The forecast calls for 27°C temperature highs for the day, but if you take a look at AccuWeather's "Real Feel" temperature, you'll see it's going to feel like 32°C in Montreal tomorrow afternoon.


At least we'll have some respite from the sun and heat with those clouds that are expected throughout the day.

But if you're really looking to cool down, consider finding a pool bar or surf wave pool to take a plunge and cool off. 

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Or you can wait til later on in the evening and just have a run around in the rain! The Weather Network is calling for rain in the evening, but you'll notice that they, too, are calling for an afternoon that feels above 30°C. Nice. 

The Weather Network

Yes, we have finally been blessed by the summer gods and can flaunt about in our summer skins. But the delay does raise questions about the state of the climate situation in Canada and abroad.

In fact, the government of Canada just declared Climate Change as a National emergency, acknowledging that the human impact on the planet has caused extreme heat, skewed seasons, wildfires, and a whole other slew of environmental issues. 

But that's another article. (Actually, though: Read it here.)

To read the Weather Network's forecast for the week, head to their page here. To see AccuWeather's daily forecast for tomorrow, head to their page here.