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It's Going To Feel Like 41°C This Weekend In Montreal

Perfect weather to find some air conditioning.
It's Going To Feel Like 41°C This Weekend In Montreal

We just had a rather nice weekend that wasn't too hot. It was filled with rain and the odd thundershower, which did put a kink into my Sunday afternoon barbeque, but I didn't mind the break in the heat. And after all the rain, yesterday afternoon ended up sunny.

But this morning I've woken up to The Weather Network's latest news, and it's not pretty.

This week is slowly going to pick up in heat until it feels like 41° in Montreal.

Yep, a muggy, hot and very humid 41° on Friday. Oof. Now might be the time to start planning where to spend the day indoors that has air conditioning. Or what pools in Montreal are free to swim in, as long as that risk of thunderstorms is gone of course.

[rebelmouse-image 26890957 photo_credit="The Weather Network" expand=1 original_size="736x322"] The Weather Network

Luckily it looks like the temperature will drop at least a few degrees by Saturday to a balmy 37° and by Sunday to a more bearable 34°.

This Wednesday it's also going to be pretty warm with temperatures feeling like 39° but there will be lots of rain, from 5-10 mm and a risk of thunderstorms. This is where it's too hot for a raincoat and too wet without one. 

The nights throughout the week will stay around the 20° - 23° level, the highest being 24° on Friday, and falling just below 20° on Sunday and Monday night. So at least sleeping with only a fan might actually work by early next week! 

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Last week we let you know that meteorologists had predicted that this week was going to be our third and worst heatwave in July.

But we're not seeing a whole lot of evidence to that, so at least we can be thankful for that. 

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