It's Official, 'Lyft' Is Finally Coming To Montreal

New provincial laws are allowing for more ride-sharing services in Quebec.
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It's Official, 'Lyft' Is Finally Coming To Montreal

For those of you who are fed up with using Uber or standard taxi services in Quebec, there's finally a new kid on the block coming this summer. Lyft, one of the most popular ride services in North America, is finally coming to Quebec. 

Currently hiring in Montreal, Lyft is slated to come to the province sometime in the near future. While an exact date hasn't been confirmed, Lyft is quickly taking advantage of Bill 17, the new law that led to massive strikes and protests in the taxi industry. 

To remind you, Bill 17 aims to deregulate the taxi industry by abolishing the need for taxi permits and territorial restrictions. This greatly benefits ride-sharing programs like Lyft because they now have free rein to establish their business in Quebec. 

Uber and other competitors are not too excited about this prospect because Lyft might potentially offer highly competitive pricing and could poach drivers from other services. Lyft is currently present in 9 Canadian cities including Toronto and Ottawa.

Lyft was founded in San Francisco in 2012 as an alternative to Uber and other ride-sharing services. They've since achieved great success as they are active in over 600 American cities and are valued at over $12 billion USD. 

The app offers ride-sharing like Uber in addition to scooters and bike-sharing. For now, it seems that they will only be offering ride-sharing in Quebec as they would have to compete with other established systems like Bixi. 

According to TVA Nouvelles, Lyft is speaking with parliamentary committees in Quebec to establish its service in Montreal, Gatineau, and Quebec City. So far, they are hiring public relations and marketing positions, as well as software engineers and developers.

Lyft has great brand recognition across the world, with a highlighter pink design and recognizable logo that glows in the driver's car. The company offers competitive price points and excellent services for its drivers. 

In the States, they offer mobile repair services, drivers' community centres, and even Lyft branded cars for drivers that don't own a vehicle. Lyft expanded to Canada in December 2017 to much fanfare. In Toronto, it's going toe-to-toe with Uber in terms of popularity.

There's no confirmed launch date for Lyft in Quebec just yet, but expect the ride-sharing service to appear sometime in the near future, maybe as early as this year. 

Lyft is commencing operations in Montreal, Gatineau, and Quebec City. If you want to apply to work for Lyft in Montreal, click here


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