It's Official, Montreal Is One Of The Worst Places To Find Work In Canada

It turns out that we aren't alone.
It's Official, Montreal Is One Of The Worst Places To Find Work In Canada

Although it's still super far ahead, you might have started thinking about potential summer jobs and spring work for the 2019 season. People start finishing school for the summer and others have more time on their hands with winter not being a burden anymore. Needless to say, the city begins swarming with applicants looking for some cash.

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TL;DR The Bank of Montreal's labour report card ranked the top 10 places in Canada to find work, with Montreal not even making the list for 2018. The city also declined in its ranking with other major cities. More details below.

This year might be a little difficult if you were looking for some work in the city, as The Bank of Montreal's labour report card for the end of 2018 was just revealed and things are not looking good for our city. 

Of the top 10 best places in Canada to find work... Montreal didn't even rank. In fact, the city actually declined in it's ranking in 2018. Yes, it's a bit embarrassing, but we aren't alone. Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary didn't make the list either.

According to the report, it doesn't mean that Montreal's job market is failing, but the cities that did happened to make the list had been performing a lot better in the last quarter of 2018 in terms of jobless rate and year-over-year job growth.

On the bright side, the cities that are doing well have significantly boosted Canada's net job growth, but what does this mean for Montreal and those looking to be employed sometime this year?

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Well, you might want to cross your fingers that on the next report Montreal somehow makes a comeback. Otherwise you might want to start sending out your applications now.

Stay tuned for more information on Montreal's job market.


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