Shawn Mendes Is Coming To Montreal

He's bringing his tour to the city for TWO nights!
Shawn Mendes Is Coming To Montreal

Shawn Mendes, the latest Canadian teen heartthrob with a voice that makes us all swoon, has consistently broken the internet with his adorable and sultry antics this year.

Who could forget the recent campaign with Calvin Klein in which the singer posed in tight-fitting briefs while lounging on sofas in a dimly lit room? 

The photos from the campaign became a viral meme. Thousands of thirsty people took to social media to exclaim their attraction.

In addition to his physique, Mendes is known for his attachment to his fans, high-energy performances, and love for his homeland.

So the news that Mendes is coming to Montreal as part of the Canadian leg of his self-titled tour is sure to get local fans excited.

According to a recent post to Mendes' Twitter account, he will be visiting 7 Canadian cities this summer. Montreal is the only city where he will perform for two nights.

Vancouver, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Ottawa, and Toronto are the other Canadian cities to have made the cut.

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Though Mendes' plan to come to Montreal has been public for a while, the news today is that Alessia Cara of "Here" fame will be joining him on stage in each Canadian city!

Shawn Mendes performed in Montreal in 2017 and seemed to have mixed feelings about fans' enthusiasm. Maybe his team is hoping an additional date this time will temper the crowds.

For more information on the Shawn Mendes tour, you can check out the evenko page here and his website here.

Mendes will be at the Bell Centre between August 20th and 21st.

You can also follow Mendes on Instagram, where he regularly posts tributes and messages of gratitude to his fans. Stay tuned for more news about the Shawn Mendes tour!

Consecutive performance dates in Montreal means that he going to spend the night in the city. Montrealers should keep their eyes peeled for surprise appearances!