Montrealers Are Fed Up With The Snow & Just Want To Cancel Spring Already

It's snowing today because of course it is.
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It's Snowing In Montreal & Residents Are Just Fed Up

As if we needed another reason to despise this spring, it's snowing in Montreal. The surprise May flurries come after weeks of rising temperatures and increasingly sunny skies. Montrealers are understandably upset.

The Weather Network forecasts light, wet snowfall until 2 p.m. Friday, so it likely won't accumulate.

But the sight nonetheless further dampers the already abysmal collective mood this season.

Naturally, many residents have taken to social media to express their frustration and disbelief.

While some people seem to be rolling their eyes at the predictably unpredictable local weather patterns, others are hoping for an outright cancellation of spring and a quick skip to happier summer days.

For many, the May flakes are the cold icing on top of a cake of despair — a spiteful move by the weather gods or even the city itself.

The seven-day forecast at least shows a possible return of double-digit positive temperatures by the end of next week.

In the meantime, we can commiserate.

Here's what Montrealers have to say about the unwelcome snow.

Let's not read too much into it.

Logic? Who needs it.

Best not to put away that winter gear just yet.

Maybe that would make more sense.

We promise the summers are amazing!

At least we're comfy at home?

Stay tuned for more news.

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