Jagmeet Singh Was Spotted Walking Around Montreal This Weekend Living His Best Life

It looks like the NDP leader had a really good time.
Jagmeet Singh Was Spotted Walking Around Montreal This Weekend Living His Best Life
  • Federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh was in Montreal this past weekend for Montreal Pride.
  • He appears to have made some time to hit the streets and chat with regular Montrealers.
  • Did you see him around the city?

August is nearing its end and considering its an election year, there's no question that every political leader is hot on the campaign trail.

This past weekend, us here in Montreal were lucky enough to welcome nearly every federal party leader as they walked in the Montreal Pride parade.

Yes, the PM, Justin Trudeau donned his pink shirt and walked through Montreal to celebrate Pride yet again, alongside our mayor Valerie Plante, our Premier François Legault, and federal party leaders Jagmeet Singh and Elizabeth May.

Scheer was missing, though probably not missed by many.

Singh, on the other hand, has been showing his love for Montreal and Quebec at large, for some time now. He was spotted in the Province for la Fête Nationale last month and has decided to spread his charming smile around Montreal for a couple extra days this week after finishing up Pride yesterday. 

Check out these photos below of Jagmeet Singh just totally loving his life around Montreal.

As I mentioned above, Singh was in town last month to celebrate Saint Jean Baptiste and was captured by Montreal photographer @benjoppke cycling around the city like a true Montrealais.

He was also spotted chatting with Quebec Solidaire representative Manon Massé during the festivities. 

More recently, the PM-hopeful was spotted hanging out with some notable Quebecois before and after the Pride festivities that happened yesterday.

Even while on the campaign trail, Singh is still finding time to get a little work out in... or at least finding time to get his ass kicked by Quebec MMA superstar George St-Pierre.

He was also spotted near Lionel-Groulx station giving his turban a fresh wrap. 

He also greeted Montrealers on Instagram with a "Bonjour" in a video that appears to have been taken in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve.

Jagmeet Singh in Montreal

There's no question at this point that Singh loves our city and never hesitates to show that love, whether he's riding his bike around the Plateau or marching alongside Montreal's queer community during Pride.

It sure is nice to know we have political leaders that are so open, accepting and supportive of all Canadians.

It is strange to think, though, about the potential hardships Singh would face in Quebec if he were elected as Prime Minister.

While an elected official is not technically a civil servant, with the current climate surrounding the religious symbols ban it wouldn't come as much of a surprise if there were people who felt negatively about his headwear.

Which is terribly unfortunate, considering he rocks it so well.

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