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Jennifer Lopez Was Spotted Walking Through The Streets Of Montreal Last Night (Photos)

The superstar loves our city!
Jennifer Lopez Was Spotted Walking Through The Streets Of Montreal Last Night (Photos)

Summer in Montreal attracts many people from around the globe, especially huge Hollywood celebrities. With tons of movies and T.V. shows being filmed, along with the numerous music festivals and concerts, Montreal summer can become a little Hollywood North! 

The city was treated to a taste of celebrity royalty last night as the American pop idol, Jennifer Lopez performed a concert at the Bell Centre! The Latina star made a stop in Montreal as a part of her 2019 It's My Party Tour and was also spotted hanging out downtown!

With celebs like Kevin Hart, Neil Patrick Harris, Tom Felton, and so many more spotted in Montreal, it's really no surprise that J-Lo decided to spend some time in our beloved city. And guess what, it seems that she absolutely loved her time here!

J-Lo performed to a capacity crowd of over 15,000 adoring fans last night at the Bell Centre. Women composed most of the audience, a testament to J-Lo's enduring legacy as a role model for women across generations. 

Earlier this week, the diva stunned audiences in Toronto with an electric show that proves she hasn't lost a step all these years. Last night, it was more of the same as she put on yet another incredible performance. 

You wouldn't know it, but Jennifer Lopez is turning 50 in a few days! Too bad she won't stay in Montreal to celebrate, but she will be in her home of New York City this Friday to perform at Madison Square Garden. A-Rod is certainly a lucky man.

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While in Montreal, J-Lo stayed at the Ritz-Carlton as many celebrities do. The singer was spotted hanging out in the hotel, sunglasses on and with steely focus. 

Later, she was spotted taking in the sights and sounds of the city, stuck in the crushing foot traffic of downtown. She was surrounded by her entourage and hounded by eager fans. 

These photos were originally shared with our colleagues at Narcity Québec.

Before the concert, this paparazzi snapped a couple of photos of J-Lo in a car, a towel on her head, guzzling down a coffee. Celebrities — they're just like us! 

It seems that she had a great time in our city even though her stay was brief! Hopefully, she'll come back soon.

Did you catch a glimpse of J-Lo hanging out downtown? If you did, drop us a DM @MTLBlog on all social media! 

Hollywood North certainly lives up to its name! You should try to spot these celebrities at the Just For Laughs Festival, too! 

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