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Just For Laughs Is Organizing Its First-Ever Online Comedy Festival Next Month

The HAHAHA Festival will be in French and feature local comedians.
Just For Laughs Is Hosting Its First-Ever Online Comedy Festival Next Month

Montrealers won't have to wait until the fall for a good laugh. The Just For Laughs Group has announced a new digital comedy festival featuring the "best francophone 'made in' Québec comedy." The HAHAHA online festival, scheduled to take place through the Just For Laughs website between May 21 and 24, will be the first in the Group's history.

The regular Just for Laughs Festival, previously scheduled to begin in July, has been postponed to the fall.

On April 10, the Government of Quebec decreed that no festivals can take place in the province through August 31.

But organizers hope that "by taking their French shows digital" in the meantime, they can "reach their online comedy community that may be in search for laughter and cheering up during these trying times."

"With more than 20 shows spread over 4 days, this festival will provide all those living in confinement around the world, a comedy rendezvous not to be missed this Spring," Patrick Rozon, Vice-President of French content for the Just For Laughs Group, said in a statement. 

"We are so pleased to be able to create a new opportunity for Quebec artists."

The complete lineup and ticket sales are forthcoming.

The Group is also teasing a new "infrastructure" in collaboration with "that will allow the public to interact with comedians in real-time." But there are no additional details.

So far, the Group stands out among Montreal festival organizers for its decision to postpone, not cancel, the 2020 edition of the popular annual Just for Laughs Festival, which will now take place from September 29 to October 11.

Les Francos, Metro Metro, and the Jazz Festival, meanwhile, will not take place this year.

"We are energized by the ability of our teams to adapt to current conditions and present a festival redesigned in its form and content as early as the fall," Charles Décarie, President and CEO of the Just For Laughs Group, said of the decision on April 3.

"If the situation permits, we will resume work in the interim and thus be able to play an important role in reviving the cultural sector, but also in the social healing that we all need."

Stay tuned for more details on the online HAHAHA Festival.

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