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Justin Bieber Is Bringing His New Tour To Montreal & Suddenly We're All Tweens Again

He's making a stop in four Canadian cities.
Justin Bieber Is Bringing His New Tour To Montreal & Suddenly We're All Tweens Again

After a long professional break, Canadian heartthrob Justin Bieber has announced a new album and accompanying tour coming in 2020. The star shared the news in a short video posted to Twitter. His new single "Yummy" comes out December 3 and the tour begins May 14 in Seattle.

Bieber won't hit Canada until his September 1 concert at the Canadian Tire Centre in Ottawa.

He then heads to Quebec City and Toronto before performing at the Montreal Bell Centre on September 14.

The tour wraps up on September 26 in New Jersey.

Bieber has indicated that there is more news to come on December 31, but in the meantime, fans are having a meltdown — literally.

In her Instagram story, Hailey Baldwin Bieber, Justin's wife, shared video of a fan crying and breathing heavily as she watched the announcement video.

"I'm having a mental breakdown!" the fan exclaims.

Watch that video below:

Hailey Baldwin Bieber Instagram story

In Montreal, too, a handful of fans have taken to social media to share their excitement, as well as their readiness to release their inner fangirl.

Translation: Justin is coming to Montreal and Quebec City in September. HELLO 2012 fangirl inside me coming out again.

Watch Justin's video announcing his new album and tour below:

"I feel like this is different from the previous albums just because of where I'm at in my life," he says in the clip.

A docu-series is also on its way, the video says. Though its focus is unclear, the Bieber says he's "excited to share" his story.

Justin Bieber 2020 Tour

When: September 14

Where: Montreal Bell Centre

Stay tuned to Bieber's Twitter page for forthcoming information!

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