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Justin Trudeau Is In Montreal Today & He Has Been Out In Public Taking Photos With People (Photos)

Justin Trudeau arrived in Montreal yesterday to spend two days in the city. According the Prime Minister's office, he is in Montreal the city for "private meetings."

But if you are out and about around Montreal today, you too may be lucky enough to spot the Prime Minister of Canada, yourself. He appears to be taking some time out of his day to walk around the city and take photos with people.

One such person was Mr. Karan Bhardwaj, who met Trudeau yesterday at a park in the Parc-Extension neighbourhood.

The Prime Minister has been spending a lot of time in Montreal. Recently, he came to see his mother, Margaret Trudeau, perform a show at Just For Laughs.

This also isn't the first time that Trudeau has taken to the streets of Montreal to talk to regular citizens. In 2015, before the federal election, then-MP Trudeau took photos with voters in the Montreal metro.

Last year, he was also in the city in August for Montreal Pride, during which he walked in the parade downtown.

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As of a few weeks ago, the Conservative Party of Canada holds an eight point lead over the Liberals. This is according to the Angus Reid Institute, who also note in their study that the Liberals have slowly been bridging the gap between the two main parties. 

Nevertheless, Trudeau and his party have a lot of work to do if they hope to sway voters back to the Liberal Party.

The Prime Minister will be extensively touring the country in the upcoming months as the country gets ready to vote in the federal election.

Stay tuned for more Trudeau news.

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