Justin Trudeau's Mom Is Performing At Montreal's Just For Laughs Festival

If your reaction to this news was, "What!? Justin Trudeau's mom is a comedian?!" then you and I are in the same boat, my friend.

I was completely shocked to find out that Margaret Trudeau, mother to our very own Prime Minister, will be performing at the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal this summer. 

The show is produced by The Second City and is a work in progress, but will no doubt still be an amazing show to see.

The show is titled "Certain Woman Of An Age," and is an autobiographical one-woman show that tells of Margaret Trudeau's life story.

From her "wild child days," to her "isolated life as the Prime Minister's wife," the show is a bare-all storytelling event that will likely have audiences not just laughing, but gasping and maybe even shedding a tear.

The show will run for three nights at the Just For Laughs Festival from July 25th to July 27th and tickets start at $61.00. Orchestra tickets are on sale for $77.75.

The show will be held at Le Gesù, one of the oldest amphitheatres or concert halls in Montreal, opened in 1865.

Margaret Trudeau's list of accomplishments is certainly a long one. She's written books, acted, was a TV talk show host, is a photographer and an advocate for people who live with bipolar disorder (which she also lives with).

Here are all the details again if you're interested in seeing the show by the only woman in Canadian history to ever be wife and mother of a Prime Minister. Pretty cool, eh?

WHAT: Margaret Trudeau: Certain Woman Of An Age

WHEN: Thursday, July 25th - Saturday, July 27th, 2019

WHERE: Jut For Laughs @ Le Gesù, 1200 Rue de Bleury

COST: $61 or $77.75

For all the event details, and to purchase tickets, head to the Just For Laughs event page here.