Kevin Hart Is Filming At This Montreal House Until The End Of The Week (Video)

In case you didn't already know or haven't already seen him, comedian Kevin Hart is in Montreal this summer.

The actor is in town filming his new movie Fatherhood, which tells the story of a widowed man who finds himself raising his daughter alone after his wife suddenly passes away the day after she gives birth. 

The story is clearly a tearjerker and I know fans of Hart are dying to see him perform such a serious role.

This morning, he was spotted yet again and this time it was in a house!

His work has brought him to a home in the Monkland Village area of Montreal. Instagram user @mattty1997 took the video below of Hart exiting the house at 4220 ave. Harvard.

This is a view of the home from Google Maps:

[rebelmouse-image 26890558 photo_credit="Google Maps" expand=1 original_size="890x581"] Google Maps

@mattty1997 says that the actor will be at that location until August2. So if you are a fan, this may be your chance to get a photo or, at the very least, a glimpse of him. 

Be sure, of course, to respect his space as well as that of the cast and crew.

Hart seems to be loving our city and told the CBC that the best thing about Montreal is the people.

He also took aim at our embarrassing amount of construction, stating that our city “looks like Lego land,” which is funny, because it is true. 

This past weekend, Hart also enjoyed a day with his family at the La Ronde amusement park on Île Saint-Hélène, where several park-goers spotted the actor and told MTL Blog that he appeared to be "having a blast."

Earlier this month, he and his children also handed out free ice cream to children at camp in the Montreal West Island. 

Another source told us they saw him dining at one of Montreal's most exclusive restaurants, Le Queu De Cheval. 

If you spot Hart out and about on the streets of Montreal, be sure to respect his privacy and the integrity of his work. But if you are able to snap a photo, submit it to @mtlblog on Instagram!

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