Kevin Hart Spotted In Montreal Handing Out Ice Cream To Dozens Of Children In The West Island (Photos)

The kids at Alexandre-Bourgeau camp had the experience of a lifetime.
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Kevin Hart Spotted In Montreal Handing Out Ice Cream To Dozens Of Children In The West Island (Photos)

Celebrities often surprise us with how kind and caring they are but for Kevin Hart, being kind and caring is second-nature. This weekend, the Hollywood superstar and his children gave a group of campers in the West Island a memory they won't soon forget! 

Kevin Hart and two of his children, Heaven and Hendrix, were greeted at Alexandre-Bourgeau park in Montreal's Point-Claire on Sunday morning by a group of day campers. Hart has been in Montreal shooting the movie Fatherhood. 

The campers held up signs with messages of admiration for the Hollywood star. Hart says the signs said, "We love you Kevin Hart and a bunch of other really nice things," and that as a show of thanks, he challenged his kids to find ice cream for everyone - to great success!

On social media, Kevin Hart goes on to say that the camp kids were waiting for him as he entered the park and had messages on kind messages on "huge poster boards".

After he took some pictures with the camp group, Hart told the kids that he would treat them to some ice cream, to a hugely enthusiastic response! 

He then turned to his two kids, Heaven and Hendrix. "I challenged my kids to get it done and they responded to the challenge," he says. "They found an ice cream place “Wild Willy’s” & got them to come to the location so they could hand deliver the ice cream to the kids themselves". 

For Hart, these are the "priceless moments that you hold onto".

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It was certainly an awesome day for the campers! Hart and his kids stuck around to serve the ice cream and take some more pictures before heading to the film set close-by. 

According to GlobalNews, the comedian has been filming near the pool in the Pointe-Claire park for the past few days. He was also spotted a couple of weeks ago celebrating his 40th birthday. 

Kevin Hart said that he was "so damn proud" of his kids for taking the initiative and bringing ice cream to the group of campers. 

He's been in Montreal for most of the month shooting his new movie Fatherhood - a story about a single dad trying to raise his baby girl after the tragic death of her mom. 

If you happen to spot Kevin Hart in the streets of Montreal, send us your pictures @MTLBlog on all social media! 

You can also catch Kevin Hart's one-on-one interview series Hart to Hart, with Anthony Anderson, Trevor Noah, Howie Mandel, and Wanda Sykes at Just for Laughs on Saturday, July 27th! 

To get your own Wild Willy's cone, head to their Facebook page for all the store info. 

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